1. Davill9

    How to… Crankshaft rear main oil seal replacement / fitting

    thought I would do a quick write up for the iabed uprated rear main crankshaft oil seal as no one seems to have done on the ea113 engine and have been asked lots to do a write up when I next did one it is also the same to fit the standard genuine seal except not putting sealant on the face that...
  2. P

    Rust on door frame

    Hello guys, I just purchased an 07 8P in great condition, except a few nicks here and there I'm faced with the following problem: I have some rust building up on the door frame under the seal Is there any easy way to fix this? Maybe just clean the rust under the seal and re-seal it? I'm...
  3. S3Jay

    Clutch pedal sticking intermittently

    Hi everyone I hope you're all well!. I am a new member to the forum and a new owner of an 8p Audi S3 Sportback as of last week. I'm really enjoying this car however I noticed a little blip a few times when driving. The clutch pedal sticks down briefly when changing gear. It also happened today...
  4. A

    Passengers side front lower door rubber coming off

    Hi, the rubber on the front passengers sides door lower part is coming off? Is it best to get a new rubber or just stick it back on?
  5. C


    I've seen that there is an upgraded replacement for the 2.0TFSI engine but I cant find anything for the 1.8TFSI. My crank seal has failed within a week of a garage fitting a new one. Faulty part, faulty install or faulty PCV etc. I've removed the oil cap whilst the engine was running and the...
  6. P

    ECU lower chamber seal

    Hi, the driver's footwell is flooded & I'd already removed the rubber seal under the battery. I've found the source of the new leak & it's bad. The rubber seal between the bodywork & the ECU lower chamber has split & is hanging down into the electrics below the dash. Considering the amount of...
  7. pilla

    Passat B6 1.9tdi HNU Gearbox interchangeability

    I need a replacement gearbox for my 2006 Passat 1.9tdi 5 speed. BKC engine, HNU gearbox. Is that the only code gearbox i can fit, or is there any others.? Many thanks.
  8. L

    20v 30v Stem Seal Pliers

    Need recomended pair of pliers, or some tool to remove stem seals. Have found discontinued products from laser and draper. but need advice as no point ordering if need to return. Draper Laser
  9. B

    What do I need to replace?

    Hello People, I have had my wonderful A4 1.8t Cabriolet for just over a year and loved every minute of it. Apart from the usual service bits and bobs it has cost me nothing. However, since I have owned the car there has been a slight oil/fuel leak (Not sure as it looks like it is coming from...
  10. S

    Leaking Hatchback Seal - help/ advice needed

    After rain/ car washing, I have water sitting in the groove of the rubber boot seal which when full starts to overflow and ends up inside the car. This is worse if the car isn't on level ground. I think the water find its way past the seal higher up and then ends up at the lowest point. The car...