1. A

    Any Idea how to protect these parts?

    My Wife and I are careful not to scratch these panels while we get in and get out but as you can see, not the case with some rear passengers. Can't complain them either with limited space in A1 rear and low height of the car. Any solution that I can prevent these areas from developing scratches...
  2. Mike Rogers


    Hi guys, So I brought myself a Slims DA polisher with the Auto Finesse Revitalise kit. Im planning on using it for the first time over this bank holiday weekend, weather permitting (Im in spain atm and fly back eaely hours saturday so dont know what its like lol). I know to wash and dry first...
  3. maxpayne

    Servicing in London (preferably north London)?

    Hi Gals and Guys, It appears that my 2005 2.0 S-Line Sportback that I've had the pleasure of owning for the last few months is up for service, well at least the service light has gone up! The previous owner (bless him) had the car serviced in a Audi authorized centre from the beginning and it...
  4. C

    Deep Scratch removal

    My S3 Sepang Blue is about 6mths old and its acquired 3 deep scratches (can feel them with my nail), possibly from a local car wash but can't prove it. Would a detail and machine polish get them out? Tried metallic t-cut but it didn't really make a lot of difference. Is the paint particularly...