1. B

    Keyed bonnet - DIY repair possible?

    Some idiot has left a nice long, deep scratch on the bonnet... it is deep enough to feel with a finger nail. Is a DIY fix possible? I'm almost completely skint, so a professional repair is not an option. Advice on tried and tested products available in the UK will be much appreciated. I don't...
  2. NKRX67

    Deep scratch on rear bumper!!

    Whilst cleaning my car yesterday i came across these two horrendous scratches I think it was from the pushchair being scraped along it whilst taking out. I doubt this can be polished out will the bumper need to be resprayed? Anyone know any good body shops/detailers in west London area?
  3. whitetiger85uk

    Removal of the RNS-E screen anti-glare coating

    Recently purcahsed an Audi A3 (2009) which came with the RNS-E Navigation plus unit. The unit is in great condition but the screen looked dull, so I took to some pledge and a microfibre cloth. That seemed to make things worse, had bubble marks on the screen that were really bad in the sun. Did...
  4. LukeA3TDi

    (HELP/ADVICE) - Stone chips and scratches

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so be nice. Recently I picked up a 2011 A3 2.0TDi for an absolute bargain with only 30K on the clock. The car is in pretty mint condition but I have noticed a few areas that require work. Somehow there seems to be quite a few stone chips on the rear passenger arch. I...