sat nav

  1. M

    Sold Apple Car play retro fit unit. Multiple Audi car fit

    Afternoon, Please see my Apple Car play retrofit unit that has been in my wife's S3 8V for about 16 months. It's a Unique Auto Developments unit that worked perfectly whilst installed. It's not the Wireless unit but cabled. Easy to install with the Instructions included. Just take out the MMI...
  2. Simon/s3

    Sat Nav help

    Hi, Apologies is this has already been said had a flick through but couldn't see anything, any help is much appreciated. I have just purchased a 2012 a3 black edition 2.0tdi and loving it so far. It has a screen in there for radio / sat nav etc, that flips up and has a dvd drive and 2 sd card...
  3. Diazro

    Speed Cameras

    Anyone tried to install the speed cameras from Pocket GPS World? Is it working for C8? I attached a video I just found on YouTube but not sure if applies to Audi A6 C8:
  4. Cushy

    bye bye google satellite overlay

    So, my google maps overlay stopped working this week, thought I could just call Audi UK to renew it, but they said they only have 12 month licences available, and the google services will be stopping in 2021 for pre 2018 cars. Anyone one else lost theirs yet? Is there way around it or an...
  5. S


    Sat nav has checks the status of the SD card, starts loading and then freezes at 77% anyone know how to fix this? thanks
  6. N

    No Online Traffic Information

    Over 2 weeks ago the online traffic updates on my A4 disappeared. I have the Technology Pack and am still within the subscription period. I reported the issue to the Audi Connect Team on August 26th. They asked me to do the obvious things like re-initialise the MMI and send them screenshots of...
  7. Selwoc

    Facelift Saving Sat Nav Locations – A4 2020

    In all my previous cars, have had the ability to save any inputted destination so that they could be used again at a later date. They could be saved, with meaningful names to a chosen category and were automatically sorted alphabetically, or they could be saved as a contact. I know I can save...
  8. D

    For Sale A4 S4 B6 Original Navigation Plus 2 DIN Head Unit

    Audi Satellite Navigation Plus Player Stereo. Excellent, Fully Working Used Condition. The unit will fit an Audi A4 B6 or S4. It comes with the original handbook and code. OEM Part Number 8E0035192B
  9. L

    For Sale Audi sat nav plus rnse for sale

    Would anyone be interested in a swap or sale, i have the audi sat nav plus rnse with book and code, aux extra and bluetooth extra, also has latest audi sst nav disc with it
  10. A

    Potential purchase of 2018 A3 saloon - missing sd card.

    Hi Guys, as the title says, when you click the Nav, it says that the sd card is missing, looks like sat nav is enabled though - what’s the best way to get an SD Card ? Also what does this mean for future updates ? Car is ex lease and bought from a dealer, just not Audi, but about 5k cheaper...
  11. Gulfb

    MMI Navigation plus 2009 S4 Avant

    A simple question I hope so please excuse, just bought a 2009 S4 and the sat nav disc is scratched and not reading, looking to get a replacement but can I purchase a newer version disc? Whilst asking any simple updates? Thanks.
  12. Storey91

    Sat nav

    Hi there. I have a 2010 Audi A4 estate I have noticed that I cannot use the sat nav without using the dvd. Is there any way I can buy a sd card with maps on so I I don’t have to use the dvd?
  13. S

    Audi A3 8V Sat Nav Maps Update

    afternoon everyone just bought an a3 but the maps hasnt got my address on as its a new build and the map sd card is Europa version 2013. read on a forum about updating it yourself from the my-audi , but because its beyond the 3 year mark i can no longer do this . has anyone got any ideas or...
  14. SM18

    Built in SatNav

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to add satnav to Audi A3 8V, if I scroll through menu I can select navigation but it’s not enabled.. What do I need to get it? I think it’s just a memory card or something plugged into glove box? But not sure? Anyone tried it and worked? Cheers
  15. Nick Parsons

    Missing Traffic Overlay

    Hi, new to the forum and hopefully posting in the correct place. I have a 2015 A6 Black edition with MMI plus. I have always had a traffic overlay on the sat nav showing roads in red when traffic was heavy and green when light. For some reason, the overlay no longer displays. I have traffic...
  16. P

    Audi 8p RNS-E sat nav retrofit

    I have the 8p 2011 black edition without sat nav fitted. If I was to buy a second hand unit what would be needed to fit it? Keep hearing horror stories and also people saying it's a doddle... you guys are the ones to ask! Thanks.
  17. Ike

    New (to me) S3 - what to do about ICE... need some expert help pls

    Hi, Just got a 2k7 S3 to replace my soon to go lease B9 A4. It has BOSE fitted which is nice enough for me (much better than the terrible rattly sound from the A4!) I have the RNS-E, which has issues reading the satnav disc, I've pulled it out and cleaned the laser but it still has issues. It...
  18. Krash

    Discovercare? Audi A3 8v / 2015

    Hi all, From some exhaustive / exhausting googling it seems that the "discovercare" VW app may be able to update the maps on the SD Card used in an Audi A3. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks in advance.
  19. davidg123

    Audi A4 B8 Navigation

    Hi, my names David. I will apologise in advance for this tread, as its probably been posted about a million times!! If this thread needs to be moved feel free to or tell me if i need to move it personally. I have a 2011 Audi A4 B8 2 TDI Quattro. It has Bluetooth, DAB Band & Olifsen sound system...
  20. R

    Audi A3 Sat Nav - Aux not working

    I recently upgraded the radio in my A3 to the "Audi Navigation Plus" Since I installed this the AUX port in my car hasn't worked. Although there is still an option for this on the radio under Media > Source it doesn't work when you attach a device to the AUX. Also as the phone connects to the...