1. Ciaran Brown

    B7 Saloons on air ride.

    As the title says, lets see your B7 saloons on air ride. Need some ideas on what wheels sizes/specs to go for and would be cool to see other peoples! Heres mine
  2. James.B8


    Hi all, It's time to say goodbye. Moving over to an S3 saloon so I'm not going far. I still have my A4 but after putting it up for sale every now and then to test the water the time has come to part ways. Been a brilliant car and can't fault it for what it is. I'm either going to have to part...
  3. J

    Ground Clearance?

    I'm having a hard time finding solid figures on ground clearance for the A3 Saloon... I currently have a BMW 1 Series which has 140mm clearance, if I attempt to mount my drive at anything about 2mph the underside of the front bumper hits the ground and scratches the paint off... I always enter...
  4. Mitchel ward

    B6, B7 Avant and Saloon Centre Console.

    Hey guys! Well this has more than likely been asked before, but i cannot find it for the life of me! i know the B6 and B7's share interior to a certain extent, but does a centre console from a B7 saloon fit into a B6 Avant? Thanks in advance Mitch!