s5 b8

  1. weemanno1

    Sold 2011 Audi s5 65k fully spec,d carbon

    Reluctantly selling my 2011 audi s5 sportback 3.0 tfsi top spec with all optional extras. including; over 5k of options. fully loaded auto full beam camera auto headlamps auto wipers 3gs nav system (with blutooth) a2dp streaming. full supersport leather seats. sunroof s tronic updated gearbox...
  2. Sumo S5

    Android Auto Retrofit - Advice

    Hi All, I'm looking at the Unique Auto and RSNav solutions to add Android Auto etc to my car and wondered if you guys had any experience with either model and had any recommendations? https://unique-ad.co.uk/product/audi-a4-carplay-box/...
  3. Róbert Piller

    S5 B8 seats in A4 B6

    Guys, I would greatly need some help from you. I have an Audi A4 B6 and bought seats out of Audi S5 B8. They are fully electric and heated. It was a direct bolt in, I chopped the airbag connector and connector for electric movement and rewire them to new one so they work and they do. That´s...
  4. Slice636

    I need an Audi genius!!!!!

    Hi everyone, My car has been misfiring on start ups for a few weeks now, it will only misfire from ‘warm’ not hot/cold It will only missfire when you hit the start button straight away. If you turn on the ignition first it won’t misfire? The missfire disappears after the elevated revs have...
  5. Slice636

    Parts help!! Please!!!

    my mechatronics have deceived to die on me and then decided to fry my speed sensor buried deep inside the gearbox so I’m trying to source a used box, my box code is NGY (2011) BUT the new box is NSC (2013) both 0b5 from a 3.0 tfsi. Both have a gear ratio 35:9 but will the mechatronics work if...
  6. Aden

    Tyre choices - Michelin or Conti?

    Needing a set of new tyres for my 2008 S5, 255 35 R19. After much deliberation I have narrowed it down to two options which I can get for around the £130 mark per corner - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or Continental SportContact 6. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them. All online...
  7. Slice636

    S5 3.0tfsi opinions?

    Since my A5 3.0tdi is going to be written off, Im currently looking to get an Audi s5 b8.5. I’m just wondering what people get mpg wise? I’m used to 28 mpg and 44 on a motorway, I know they’re not a car you’d buy for mpg but I’d like to know before hand of real world, so any feedback would be...
  8. RSKperformance

    S5 3.0tfsi intake wanted

    Hello comrads and Haply New Year. I am looking for cold air intake for my s5 sportback. I ve checked online and prices are around 5 to 6 hundred which is nonsense. Anybody? Cheers
  9. L

    S5/RS5 buying question

    Hi all - I must have spent hours trawling through this forum, other forums and just about any Audi site I could find... Now I figure I can't come to an answer so I wanted some advice... I'm looking to get back into an Audi having spent the last 2/3 years in a dad wagon SUV. While obviously I'd...