s4 b8

  1. Dmol

    s tronic auto downshifts

    Hi, I'm a new owner of a 2012 UK b8.5 S4 and have a question about auto downshifts. In S mode the up and down shifts are great, rapid and smooth and well timed. When in D mode the up shifts are smooth and the car quickly moves to 5th or 6th gear by 30/40 mph, so I guess D / normal is focussed...
  2. K

    S4 Auto or Manual?

    Hi folks, I'm currently in an 8P S3 (manual) with a stage 1 map but being a 2008 car the time is coming to move to something a little newer plus it never sounded good even with a sports exhaust (inline 4 pots I guess) I like anonymous looking cars with plenty of poke so an S4 with the smaller...
  3. R

    S4 reliability @ 80-100k+ miles (inc. sport diff/ADS)

    Hi everyone, As a serial BMW driver and hopefully soon to-be S4 owner, I thought it was time I made an appearance here. I’m looking to get a B8 S4 Avant manual, although the S5 V8 is still tempting... I’ve read loads of S4 threads here, on Pistonheads and elsewhere, but most of these seem to...
  4. A

    Wanted S4 b8 Diffuser

    Hi, I'm on the look out for a S4 B8 diffuser to go on my s line. If anyone has one for sale, let me know. Thanks:icon thumright:
  5. Steven Teixeira

    Gearbox, nothing happening

    Hi there, new member here. I recently bought this 2011B8S4 with a engine problem, none runner, standing for 8 months, i never drove the car, had bearings replaced, according to the previous owner it was driving fine. Problem is there is no gears what so ever, there is also no codes for the...
  6. Tobe

    New to me S4, tamper tags on gearbox?

    Hi All! So after a couple of years off A.S, Suffering driving my Caddy everyday (actually a great van for everyday! but still a van!) i couldn't do it anymore. About a month ago bought another b8 s4, as loved the last one so much, didn't want a manual though so found an stronic, fully aware of...
  7. Eddi French

    B8 audi S4 wheel bearing sound, not wheel bearings or tyres

    Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar on their b8 s4 or a4 Its started with pretty much no prior signs of deterioration. Mines only done 47k, fsh, it’s whining like a trooper at the moment. No play in any of the bearings I’ve just had the front tyres done and that’s done nothing...
  8. hawkeye651

    Audi A4/S4 B8 Exhaust Clamp Fix

    Hi all - apologies if this has been posted before but thought it might help & avoid some unnecessary bills. My S4 (B8) 2010 began blowing its exhaust on Christmas Eve. An examination showed that the clamps had disintegrated. With no auto-part stores open a temporary repair was put into...
  9. A

    S4 - Is It Worth It ?!

    So, after much searching I’ve found a potential S4 Avant to buy. It’s a 2009 with literally every option specced apart from garage link ... full history. Gearbox replaced 20k miles ago. New timing chain and supercharger belts too. New tyres and brakes. On 100k miles and it’s up for £13,900...
  10. WOJ

    Help Please New owner of S4 Avant B8

    Hi guys. I'm New to this forum so hello to everyone. My name is Simon. My first language is not English so apologise for any spelling mistakes. I picked up 2010 s4 avant yesterday and it's lovely car inside out. Have loads of questions so wonder if you will be able to help. I never had...