1. Christian Espinosa

    Does 5 Door S3 8v Diffuser fits 3 Door?

    Im Currently on search for some carbon fiber diff for my S3 hatchback, I have only found Sportback options on AliExpress, Is it going to fit mine?
  2. Mastachaz

    VCDS Coding on s3 2018 - London

    Hi looking for someone who can activate for me powerfolding mirrors and few other bits on s3 18 plate im based in sw16 london happy to travel and off course pay :) thanks
  3. Q

    Seeking Advice Audi S3 2019 sport back

    Hello, I am relatively new to this forum and forever seeking more knowledge. I have an Audi S3 sport back 2019 with a dq381 currently stage 3, close engine with a PMP 575 turbo methanol system for turbo cooling as where I am is really hot. Running on standard 98 petrol. I have STM tuning...
  4. R

    - DRIVE SELECT - Dynamic D?

    Hey guys, just a quick question, when turning the car on from cold or warm after leaving the Drive Select mode in Dynamic it starts in D not S? Does the dynamic profile still make the car run as if it was in dynamic or is this some sort of auto comfort mode you have to change upon every start...
  5. R

    Fuel, Performance and Buzzing Noise

    Hi all, May sound like a very stupid question to ask but if the fuel level is low would the ECU detect this and reduce performance? There seems to be way less punch when at a quarter or less of a tank (very rarely hit this mark). Also when starting the car from cold you get like an electric...
  6. GregS3


    For sale is my MTM Cantronic for a Pre Facelift S3 (8V). For comprehensive information, please view the following thread; https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/how-to-guide-–-mtm-m-cantronic-tuning-box-fitting-installation-guide-–-s3-8v-model.267054/ and...
  7. S

    In search for alloy s3 saloon

    Does anyone or know anyone who has alloys for sale, audi s3 2016 saloon, see picture for alloys in search for. Have searched the whole of ebay gumtree etc with no luck, all are either damaged or not willing to deliver and are over 6 hours away from me. Thanks in advance
  8. Regan

    ESP Light Problems

    Hi Guys, New to the forum to apologies if I am posting in the wrong area. I have a late 2016 (66 plate) 3dr S3 8V. Had the car since April with no major problems but since having my tyres changed a few weeks ago have noticed that when putting my foot down in 2/3/4th gears my ESP light seems...
  9. Michael Paul shields

    Front end changes

  10. H4VO

    Audi S3 MY2019, Stage 1 map

    Morning all! Has anyone had or known of anyone having Stage 1 put on the new 300ps S3? If so, was wondering what Company done it.. & the output after the map.. Thanks
  11. TomBlueS3

    S3 Haldex, DSG & Diff oil change

    Hi all :) Do Audi stealership still change the haldex oil only and not clean the gauze filter? In terms of servicing is there such a thing as a front and rear diff on the 8v that require oil changes? Is 38k okay to wait for DSG oil change or should it be done sooner? Thanks
  12. TomBlueS3

    APR Stage 1 -

    Hi all I am a first time poster! I currently own a S3 8v Saloon - having carried out a few minor mods I’ve now started to get the ‘bug’ ... I think the car is fanastic and it is certainly quick but I can’t help think it’s doesn’t feel that quick...I think it may be down to the smooth linear...
  13. M7MD

    Facelift RS3 8V FL Grill

    Hello everyone :) I want to get an RS3 grill from my 2017 Audi S3 FL because the one that I have got now from the factory it's really ugly and bad looking. Audi OEM = 1640 USD / 1440 Euro Online EMD Auto = 470 USD / 415 Euro anyone, please advise on which should I go for and what are the...
  14. D

    Bad news for S models...

    I am thinking of changing my 2013 S3 8V so yesterday I decided to visit my local Audi dealer to get an offer. He told me A3/S3/RS3 production has stopped for many configurations as all of you know, but he brought me some bad news regarding Audi S models. S4 and S5 petrol engines will be...
  15. Chris Stephens

    Poorboys Blackhole and Natty Wax Paste - Panther Black S3 8V1

    Took delivery of my 2014 S3 8V1 on Saturday, decided to take it home and give it the aftercare it deserves. Step 1 Maguires shampoo Step 2 Maguires claybar kit Step 3 Machine polished with PB Blackhole Step 4 Waxed front to back with PB Natty Wax Paste Step 4 Auto Finesse used for the interior...
  16. thatoneS3

    No Homelink Audi S3?!

    I find it crazy how the S3s don’t come with homelink “-.- For those who don’t know it’s the button that is installed in cars that you program to open your garage without having to use your garage opener. Anyone know if there is anyway to get it in an S3? Or are we just out of luck?
  17. M

    New Audi S3 FL Dash Buzz

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice, sorry for the long thread. My S3 is just under two months old and yesterday morning driving in to work it developed a really annoying buzzing sound. I was on a call when I first noticed it so just assumed it was a dodgy line but after the call ended and the...
  18. James Williams

    Audi A3 AFS Headlight Retrofit Liverpool/Manchester???

    Been Looking around for a couple of weeks for someone who can retro fit the AFS / Cornering lights to my 2016 Audi S3 Pre Fl. Prefably the Liverpool/Manchester area but would be willing to travel. Thanks in advance. James
  19. nicks260

    Standard S3 8V. Wheel advice 18-19"

    681567706778 Currently have standard Audi 18" (225/40R.18.Y) Really want to put some 19" on my car. I don't know first thing about it and all these numbers are messing with my head. I've been explained countless times but don't understand so if someone could just tell me what they think that...
  20. Rayner_1704

    Wheel choice help

    hi all, been looking at alloys for my 2017 S3 for a while now and can't make my mind up I like the more spokey designs and have found 2 I like What are your thoughts and any other suggestions welcome Ps I'm not going to break the bank for they budgetet around 500-750£ Thanks