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  1. Rip

    For Sale 2014 Audi S3 (8V) - 3 Door Hatch - S-Tronic - Bang & Olufsen - (Possibly all dealer options?) - Very nice condition

    [Not currently advertised elsewhere] 2014 3-Door Hatch Exlusive paint (Daytona Pearl Grey) S-Tronic (Switchable drive modes plus a user customizable drive mode) 79,700k All the usual S3 options plus those listed below Based in Gloucester (Just off J12 of M5) Excellent condition inside & out...
  2. R

    Vibration when turning

    Hi I was after some advice I have an Audi S3 facelift model and recently I have noticed that when I am driving and turning or cornering quickly I get a vibration sound this is even at low speed or even when I am reversing in to the drive when turning the steering wheel. I was initially thinking...
  3. MickHumphrey

    Sold Milltek Cat back valved Gt100 tips both Res & Non-Res for 8V S3 Sportback

    I have had this sitting around my workshop for over a year after I took it off my 2015 S3 Sportback prior to selling it so probably needs a clean up. It has the resonated and non resonated pipes so your choice. It's got the valves as well. Also has the reducer to fit standard exhaust after the...
  4. ClubSandwich

    Audi S3 8V Manual - Res Delete

    Hi I currently own a Manual '17 S3 8V and am looking into a Res delete to enhance the exhaust sound from the vehicle. Basically I'm hoping for more 'pops and bangs' whilst the car is in Dynamic mode, and for the exhaust sound to remain relatively inoffensive/stock whilst in Eco/Comfort modes...
  5. randy4

    For Sale MTM Cantronic S3 8V tuning box

    S3 8V MTM tuning box for sale - £350. Successfully been running on two S3 cars in turn (previous owner on here then my car for 18k miles before selling the car). This is aimed at the PFL model but might fit other cars. Looks like it works on Golf R too by the looks of the label. Gained...
  6. chrisrs180

    Next Upgrade? DP or CAI?

    Looking to eek a little more from my S3 8V FL. It's running really nicely but I'm rarely completely satisfied with anything. Next on the list is a proper intake or a catted downpipe. I'm really very interested in the Mountune X3 intake, here: https://www.mountune52.com/products/x3-intake It...
  7. 420S3

    S3 8V drive select not available

    Hi all, I have a audi s3 8v that is missing the drive select feature, its greyed out on screen and the Drive Select button doesn't do anything. I took it to a coding guy who tried fixing it but couldn't as he said the mmi has been refitted and will need flashing to s3 firmware. Is there...
  8. chrisrs180


    Hi there all. Bit of a re-introduction for me as I've had many Audi's on a few different forums over the years but I've managed to 'curb' a few other money-draining, time-consuming hobbies (hifi/golf) and concentrate on my original/favorite (and also most money-draining and time-consuming)...
  9. ZeroCalifer

    Wheel Stud Conversion Kit on Audi 8V S3

    Hello everyone. I have a 2018 8V S3, with a 2.0 TFSI engine. I've ordered some aftermarket wheels, which I know the factory lugs aren't going to fit. Diameter of the head on the OEM bolts is too big. Knowing that I should purchase a set of longer bolts or convert to a wheel stud conversion kit...
  10. 420S3

    Audi S3 missing drive select & stop start

    Hi all, So I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a s3 8v that is remapped to stage 2, the car drives beautifully and sounds amazing however a few issues the guy told me was due to the remap I dont think are anything to do with that now. When I bought the car I got the tyres replaced a day later the...
  11. G

    OBD Port disable by removing fuses

    Ive seen a few other threads/posts on here about disabling the OBD by simply removing 2 fuses, but these are all for the prefacelift S3 not the post 2016 8V. Can anyone tell me which fuses need removing from the S3 8V please? (PM so not to make the info public)
  12. K

    For Sale *** Best value Audi S3 Saloon in the country, stage 3 modified.

    Audi S3 Saloons with this age and mileage are selling for around £21,000+. You can have a car, that looks much better, but drives and goes much better too. To get a car to this specification and standard, it would cost you (figures below) well over £20,000 in parts and fitting. However, for an...
  13. J

    S3 8V Turbo problems

    I've currently got an S3 8p and im thinking of upgrading to a 2014/2015 S3 but I've heard certain model years have turbo issues so just looking for a bit of advice on that. I'm thinking of going DSG I've always had manual in the past so is there anything I need to look out for. Are there any...
  14. MonkeyFiddler

    S3 8V Pre-Stage 2 Questions

    Hi, I currently have a Revo Stage 1 S3 and I'm looking to go to Stage 2. I've been thinking about this for some time and the one thing I'm concerned about is the life of the engine post-upgrade. What are the chances the extra power is going to break something? I know people have taken theirs...
  15. soofiRS

    Sold 2014 S3 8V S tronic Misano Red

    For sale is my Audi S3 S-Tronic 3 door 2014. I’m selling this as I have upgraded. I purchased the car in January with 92k on the clock. It now sits at 96.5k. Most of this has been a short commute to and from work with occasional weekend use. It is now parked up ready to go to its new owner...
  16. George_P

    chrome / aluminium centre console

    Just found this on the net and not sure if this was already mentioned here but would like to hear your thoughts and how easy it would be to change it?
  17. H4VO

    Engine Oil

    Morning all. Bit of an amateur question. I have the new GPF equipped S3, not sure if it makes a difference. And the car is completely standard. Was wondering what is the best engine oil for it? Castrol is written on the oil cap, but was wondering which one.... Thanks in advance.
  18. H4VO

    S3 Coolant.

    Hi all.. May be a stupid question, but I’m not ‘engine’ minded. I have a MY19 S3, had it from new. Car as just done over the 10k mark and tonight whilst driving, it told me to stop the engine and check the coolant. I did and it’s on minimum, why is this? Or should this be happening to a car...
  19. H4VO

    Stage1 2019 S3

    Hi all, Thinking of getting Stage1.. Only concern, if I want to put it back to standard & sell the car. Can Audi pick up that it’s had stage1 on it? Many thanks.
  20. S

    Audi s3 8v 2016 saloon

    So my break pad light popped up, Ive been looking on euro car parts for new pads but there are multiple pads with different sizes. Im not sure what size to go with One option is for front pads TRW - Height 64.8mm width 160mm The other option is for front pads Teves - Height 62.3mm width...