s3 8l

  1. J

    What are the power gains (if any) of an AGU head on bam block?

    Hi guys, this is my first post. Iv recently purchased an S3 8l, i made sure it was a BAM engine code as i believe these are the more desirable engine. Was looking in the engine bay at the weekend and discovered an 'AGU' stamp on the head. I was at first dissapointed thinking id bought a car...
  2. Nicholaslo

    Power steering problem

    Hi guys, Just brought an s3 8L few weeks ago, the power steering suddenly go down today. Meanwhile I travelling back home, the dry bearing sound comes out and the power steering reservoir seems like being over-folded with field leaking. And I keep 40km/hour on my way home, once parked. The...
  3. S

    For Sale Silver S3 8L 85k

    As per title S3 8L in good order for age be sad to see it go but needs must. So over the past few years it had a fair bit of good maintenance and I have done my best while I have owed it. To list but some S3 Rear discs and pads all round. £? Can't remember how much. 60k service Inc timing belt...
  4. E

    Audi S3 8L - Upgrade Help

    Hello there, I'm new on this Site & Forum. I run Audi S3 8l buyed 4 months ago. The car has a many engine problem but I repaired all the problems, my engine is not stock, the owner I buyed has done some cheap changes on the engine to rise up the HP that's the reason why the engine was not...
  5. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp issues

    Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance, back in December my left Xenon Blew on my 2002 8L S3, after investigation I found the ballast had blown also and the fuse. I decided to replace with a set of the Bi-xenon lights from Trups, I have fitted them and they are as described "plug and play". But...
  6. mac79

    For Sale 2001 S3 8L Denim Blue

    My much-loved S3 is for sale. I've had it for the last five years and it's been brilliant. So much fun, reliable, dependable and great-looking! It's Denim Blue, with silver alcantara and black leather interior, with BOSE, Chorus radio/cassette and 6 CD changer, centre arm rest. No modifications...
  7. superkarl

    For Sale Audi S3 8L front upper strut brace

    As title. Painted gunmetal grey, however cracked from heat of turbo, so will require repainting. Asking for £50 Collected from the north west England (Southport-Liverpool) Can also be collected from Stoke-on-trent upon arrangement. Postage extra
  8. Kramonket

    Haldex service kit s3 8l

    Hello you very knowledgeable lot. I'd need to find a haldex filter and oil for my s3 8l. Where can i find this? anyone have any links please?
  9. X

    My Audi S3 8L - Introduction

    Hi Fellow Audi owners I have not had a chance with posting my car, Have a look and enjoy, Subscribe so i know if i need to keep up the content, I have a list of items im going to cover on this car , will need help on this build from you guys as well.
  10. killfame

    S3 8L Chrome Mirrors - Quick Question

    Hi there to everyone! I bought and send a Chrome Mirrors to a friend for his S3 8L Facelift since someone has ripped off the original ones somewhere inbetween all the years and fitted A3 8L non facelift ones. LOL The main problem is that after they has been fitted from RHD to LHD the main...
  11. Sandip

    Sold S3 8L 3.2 V6

    I'd like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has guided me through my ownership of my 8L. It's with deep regret and heartache that I'm now putting my S3 on the market. This is the hardest decision I think I've had to make in my life. I'm hardly driving it and I have other plans which...
  12. killfame

    02m Gearbox 3rd-4th Gear Broken Fork - Uprated Steel Fork

    Hi there, I have direct question for known folks from VAG scene in this forum because I need serious ‘HELP’ - answers After kind of short gently pull 1st-2nd and 3rd gear I thought I loose Clutch or either Gearbox since 4th gear didnt engaged at all Well, few second later I realised that Im...
  13. F

    Help on a potential project

    Hi all, I am at looking at buying a Audi S3 Quattro BAM engine either 02/03 model. My goal is to get the car to 300-350bhp. Could anyone please point me in the right direction of how big the build would be, pricing and parts that I would need to make this power possible ? Cheers
  14. K


    I am looking for a modified s3 8l with the following mods Forged engine big brakes poly bushed bigger turbo double din Basically in a nut shell i am after a s3 8l that has been well looked after with no problems and has the paper work to go with the mods.
  15. E

    Audi S3 8L dash/cluster help!

    Hello, Need to know how to change this as i have no idea how it went from “...kms” to “..L/100kms” to this “34C” now. I cant find the hand book and would really appreciate the help guys. Thank you
  16. P

    Reliable tuning S3 8l

    Hey guys, Ross here newbie in the s3/turbo/4x4 world and after much reading and mostly friends who love these cars have given me guidelines on what and where but they mostly put together very fast/complicated projects together and drive them to the car meet and so on. I'm looking into building...
  17. Warsuperior

    Audi S3 "Punisher" 2.1L stroker build, image heavy

    So I have started to acquire parts to build 2067cc engine Car is -99 S3 and its basically rebuild, here is topic for that: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/s3-gtx2860r-gen-ii-build.364995/ Parts list so far: - AGU bigport engine from my A3 - JE-pistons 83mm CR 9.5:1 (thanks to...
  18. D

    Audi S3 8l Pressure drop between turbo and TB !?!

    Hi guys. I have S3 8l 2001 AMK .. There is a problem which I cant handle with .. The car is still stock , and I have a boost loss , what I mean is that .. When I start to accelerate hard it has no problems , the boost gauge shows like 0.7 bar's of boost , but when I took my foot of the...
  19. Bama3sport


    Guys and gals! This may have been covered numerous times, but I'm sticking a bam in my originally dbc car (agu engine) and I cannot find anything regarding the throttle cable to wire upgrade. Has anyone done this conversion that could take photos for me or have them lying around??? The engine...
  20. W

    1999 Audi S3 8L 1.8t Quattro 265hp! OEM+ Project!

    Hello, as i'm new here i thought i'll introduce myself a bit. My name is Wessel 21 years old from The Netherlands. I started with a Mk1 cabriolet when i was 16 (it was done when i was 18). Bought it in quite a rough shape, but with zero rust and only 40k km's. Anyway after driving that for a...