s3 8 p

  1. Stuartd

    S3 8P Forge FMIC Problem

    Hi there Got a bit of a problem with my intercooler. it originally came off my mk5 golf gti this is end the of the intercooler already on the car https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G9bqW3ItbudUh5luBQimalgNY30ICYXg/view?usp=sharing the issue im having is the couplers that have come with the...
  2. Vish_s3

    Loss of acceleration/ power

    Hi guys, Last year I took my car to VRS Northampton and got a stage 2 + APR map as well as a Sachs performance clutch installed. The car was running great at 376hp with the remap, full Milltek turbo back exhaust and Ram Air induction kit. When I initially drove the car for the first few months...
  3. R

    Need help with exhaust

    I currently own a Audi A3 2007 1.6 petrol, I want to put on a s3 back box or exhaust. want to know if it will fit straight on or do I need to do other stuff?
  4. kozzy

    Air Con advice required

    I have a 2008 s3 8p and the air con doesn't work - I press the air con button and the red light turns on the and I can hear a slight whining when I do so, turn the air con off and the whining stops. I have had it re-gassed and the pressure is apparently good. I'm guessing either the compressor...
  5. J

    Window not working

    Hi recently bought a 09 s3 as a vandalism and I have been doing it up, I have come to change to drivers door which had been fine other than the window not working! I have tried drivers motor on passenger side works fine so not that, pulled regulator out and inspected and all cables look good and...
  6. A

    Sudden loss of Engine power

    Hi guys, Strange problem atm, My S3 8P has a sudden loss of engine power (Sudden jerking and slowing down). Its a very dramatic jerk and stopping action when you're sat in the drivers seat! It happens as I floor the accelerator, the car will accelerate and then suddenly a jerking loss of...
  7. Daniel James

    Wanted Audi S3 8P Rear Bumper - Sportback

    Hi all looking to change from my black edition rear bumper to an Audi S3 rear bumper, does anyone have 1? Ideally looking for black (not sure on color code unless someone can help)
  8. George Abouzolof

    S3 8P Sub & Amp

    Alright chaps, Having issues with my sub, took it to an independent garage and they said it was faulty. Ordered in a used part only to find out that it was also faulty. From reading some threads on here I can see that it may be an amp issue as it sounds a little crackly. I’m convinced the...
  9. Dannyjp97

    Audi A3 S Modding thoughts?

    Hi Guy’s, For my next car I’m thinking about buying a 2008 Audi A3 Sports back 2.0Tdi and doing it up. It’s factory standard so nothing’s been done to it yet. I wanted a little project and keep adding things over the following year. My question is, how much BHP would I be able to get out of it...
  10. Flosman

    Audi s3 8p rear tow cap

    Afternoon. Wondering if any one could help I have a Audi s3 8p black edition 2010 recently had the bumper redone couple weeks ago only today after coming back from holiday I realise the shark fin plate that covers the toe is missing could anyone provide the part number so I can replace this...
  11. L

    Audi S3 8P Ideas?

    Hi there, Fairly new on here and haven’t posted much. Looking for some ideas on what to do next with my S3 PFL as there’s not a lot of options styling wise as the FL has kind of robbed that... Would FL Convert mine but seems like an awful lot of work for not a lot of gain. Any ideas are greatly...
  12. George Abouzolof


    Silly question, I’m trying to adjust the height of the NAV. But every time I set it to my preferred height it will always revert back to the original setting. what am I missing?
  13. Will1893

    S3 parts for A3 3.2l Quattro 2005

    Looking for parts that are easily interchangeable between an S3 and my a3 3.2 quattro 3dr. Got the steering wheel already. Thinking about the getting the S3 rear valance. Maybe some S3 led illuminated scuff plates on the door sills. Would the S3 exhaust back box fit onto the 3.2l?
  14. S

    Audi S3 Stage 3 best exhaust systems performance wise?

    Hi currently have a stage 3 in for custom mapping & was told the rear Miltek Catback (Resonated) was restrictive. Advised to replace for BCS full system. Popular opinion is that BCS systems are the best performance-wise followed by the Milltek etc, which I agree however did not see the need for...
  15. CameronS3

    Car failed MOT on pads, Should I change the stock disks at the same time?

    So cars failed on pads at the front, taken it away so I can order some HP2000 or DS2500, stock disks have some life in them still. Is it worth changing them for some grooved disks at the same time or will it not make much of a difference in regards to stopping? Should I just put some HP2000...
  16. A

    About to purchase, Advice much needed!

    Hey all, Long time reader, first time poster. (Forgive me if i should of added this to another thread). I am looking for advise if possible. I am about to purchase the below vehicle. Have good general car knowledge from working in garages panelbeating for years during my time in college, but...
  17. CameronS3

    Anyone experienced Vagbremtechnic front brake kit? Or do I stick with oem and add braided lines?

    So I’m looking at giving me a little more stopping power as I’m heading towards stage 2+. Question is am I wasting money putting on new disks and pads, do I just keep oem and add some braided lines and better brake fluid ? I’ve seen the vagbremtechnic kit on awesome gti with pads, disks and...
  18. George Abouzolof

    Subwoofer issues

    Alright guys, I’m having some real problems with my S3’s subwoofer. I had taken it in for diagnosis at which point they told me it was blown and I needed a new part. New part arrived and they installed it only to tell me that the new part is also defective. I’m coming to believe that this...
  19. S


    Hi 59 plate S3, would like a clear clarification if an LPFP is needed, the aim is for 420-430 BHP. The suggested LPFP would be the TTRS/RS3 one since this is best suited for the S3 8P. If an LPFP is needed please clarify the limit of the stock LPFP & if the TTRS/RS3 can work with stock...
  20. George Abouzolof

    Subwoofer remove and install

    Alright fellas, My sub in the boot has died and needs replacing. I’ve bought a replacement online and currently waiting for it to arrive. Does anyone know the process or have access to the TPI (technical product information) for this? Garage is quoting almost £100 just to fit it! Haven’t...