1. T

    For Sale 2014 Audi RSQ3

    For sale I have my Audi RSQ3 which has covered only 52k miles. The car comes with full service history, (last serviced 14/4/22 including Haldex) & MOT until November. Spec is as follows. *Private Plate Now Removed - New Reg DP14HWH* 2.5 TFSI 420bhp, R8 coil packs, NGKR Plugs, Leather RS...
  2. RS_UK

    Hello all!

    Hello all , I’ve been a member for a few years but not been active 2016 RS3 PFL on Nardo was my first Audi, now I’m on to a 2021 RSQ3 Sportback standard- have got an RSQ3 Sportback sports edition in Nardo on order Look forward to chatting to you all
  3. RO65ERS

    RSQ3 New RSQ3 owner

    Hi guys! I’ve been saying to my wife for about two years now “when I turn 30, I’m buying a new car” well today, I turned 30! And stayed good to my word! I was actually looking for a used rs6, but the moment I saw the RSQ3, it was love at first sight! I’m having it held back till March 1st...
  4. R

    RSQ3 RS Q3 Chat

    Hello friends! My name is Eugene, I am from Moscow, I am admin of the Russian-language chat for the owners of the Audi RS Q3, now we have 53 members. I am the owner of the RS Q3 2015, white color, stock. The chat is still Russian-speaking, but people there are not only from Russia, but this will...
  5. O

    RSQ3 Parts needed for safe remapping 310 RSQ3

    I've been reading about having to upgrade a few bits to safely remap the 310 RSQ3. Is it just the fuel pump and intercooler needed? Thanks
  6. -Ju- it an itch that needs scratching?

    Ok so I have a dilemma going on in my head at the moment. I currently have a 2015 S3 sportback which has a really nice spec and a good few tasteful mods, I really love this car and after 4 x 8P's including 2 S3's it's head and shoulders the best so far and I don't need to change it However my...
  7. M

    2.5 TFSI on big turbo and low boost suggestions?

    Hi everyone. Just want to check your opinions about low boost (in terms of turbo max. output) on middle/bigger turbo (PT 5558 Gen2 pr PT5862 Gen2) compare to stock BW K16 Turbo in terms of fighting high EGT and overall temps (on any hybrid like TTE500 or Loba or even stock turbo if we get high...
  8. mxnrg

    No love for SQ and RSQ models :P

    Hello there, While you'll be adding the Q8, can you please update the profile -> personal details page to include: RSQ3 SQ5 SQ7 As an Audi Model choices. Thanks!
  9. Kieron Revagliatte

    RS3 8V brakes onto S3 8P HELP :(

    Hi Guys, Its time to replace my front discs and pads, how easy is it to put the RS3 8V Wavy discs onto the S3 8P?? Has it done before? If so can you point me in the right direction??