1. E

    Cylinder misfire rs6 c7

    I have had misfire on cylinder 6 & 8 and now 8 is gone after replacing both turbos, both injection valves to the cylinders , all spark plugs. Also checking compression test on all cylinders and testing the coils with good results. cylinder 6 misfire is still there and the engine runs very bad. I...
  2. E

    Turbo Charger Replacement

    Hello! I have a c7 rs6 with a blown out turbo / turbo charger. I am well aware of the job that has to be done, I know it is a pretty complex work. How much would someone with the capability and right equipment charge for such a thing.
  3. Sharrison14

    Ceramic Brakes RS6

    Looking at buying an RS6 with ceramic brakes fitted. On close inspection, the discs appear to have loads of hairline cracks on them....? Is this standard or signs of a problem? Never had ceramics on anything before so they are new to me. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    Wheel fitment RS6 style

    Hi guys I’m considering to buy a pair of RS6 style wheels for my A3 2.0 TDI 2016 Sportback. It’s lowered with Eibach Sportline springs (35-40/45mm). Currently running on wheels that measure 19” 8.0 ET49 with 225/35-19 tires. The wheels I’m looking at has following measures: 19” 8.5 ET42. As you...
  5. Rs3Life

    Cylinder on demand (c7 performance)

    Hi all, I'm new to rs6 and the cylinder on demand technology so I just want to check if all is good with the car or I should ask Audi to investigate the potential issue. Over the weekend I did 400 miles on highways and I was able to notice slight move or shake (similar to going over small...
  6. nukkiz276

    My RS6 from Belgium with Milltek | Air | Maxton

    Hi everyone, my name is Christoph I'm from Belgium This beast is mine since August 2020 560hp version pano sunroof matrix headlights air suspensions electric seats with memory lane assist aluminium pack and some other minor things. I've done some mods: Milltek catback non resonated exhaust...
  7. T

    Sold For Sale:C7 RS6 / RS7 Milltek Non-res Cat Back

    Now Sold: Milltek Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust for RS6/RS7 (C7) Model No: SSXAU365 ... au365.html Centre Res for the system also available if preferred. Only fitted 1500miles ago. Only selling as car going back to Audi as standard as Part Exchange...
  8. Nathan Capps-Jenner

    Exhaust advise!

    Hi guys, new member here who's besides himself as I finally managed to get my dream car, the C7 RS6. I'm super happy with it but already thinking that I'd like a bit more of a throatier sound from the exhaust. It has the optional Audi sports system fitted but it is a little too baffled for my...
  9. I

    Wanted RS6 Wheels

    Is there anyone buying a Carbon Black trim model that would like to swap their black wheels for the grey ones from my Vorsprung RS6?
  10. I

    New RS6 (lack of) options

    Does anyone know why Audi UK are offering the new RS6 with such a limited options list? Grey wheels with the black Vorsprung pack and black wheels with the grey Carbon pack, surely the wrong way around? I find it very disappointing that it is not even possible to choose the right colour of...
  11. R

    For Sale Audi Rs3 8V or Rs6 c7

    After a reasonably priced Audi Rs3 or an Audi rs6 Thanks
  12. KillerQ7

    Q7 RS6 Seats in a Q7 4L?

    Does anyone know if RS6 Seats will fit in a Q7 4L? I am thinking of doing it and wondered if it's possible and will other memory and heating etc work?
  13. A

    New Exhaust System

    Considering buying an exhaust system for RS6 C7 2017 and have a few questions: 1) Is it true that an Akrapovic system will not void the Audi warranty? 2) I have been quoted £7400 for supply and fitment of the Akrapovic cat back system, anyone had cheaper? 3) Will a Milltek exhaust system void a...
  14. F

    New RS6 Owner

    Hi there. I own a Q3 and TT Mark 1 and am buying an RS6 later this week. I am seeking advice and suggestions on: Best Owners Clubs to join; Best Forum good London/Essex based garages, specialists and tuning Technical chat and possible upgrades; Good tyre choices; uprating the suspension...
  15. F

    New Member - RS6

    Hi there. I own a Q3 and TT Mark 1 and am buying an RS6 later this week. I am seeking advice and suggestions on: Best Owners Clubs to join; Best Forum good London/Essex based specialists and tuning Technical chat and possible upgrades; Good tyre choices uprating the suspension; whether or not...
  16. ZZ_RS6

    Lowering springs RS6 C7 2015

    Hello. Im wondering about lowering my car. And the option i have (in Norway) is springs or coilovers. Its difficult/impossible to get air approved by the DMV. I also dont want coilovers because i want to be able to use the adjustments in the car. Does anyone have any experience with mounting...
  17. K

    RS6 C6 MTM brakes?

    Hello. Apologies in advance if this is not the right place to ask, but i have an RS6 C6 with MTM 405x36 brembo 6-pots basically, and looking for sources to find replacement pads and maybe the discs also as Audi seem to want to charge a bomb for these! Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  18. J

    RS6 Number plate for sale - RS06 JOE

    RS6 Number plate for sale- currently on my car, which is being traded in for an S8. Sensible offers considered.
  19. waring192

    RS6 C6 Avant buying advice

    Hi guys, Not been on the forum in years. I used to have a Audi 8p S3 Sportback with Revo Stage 2+, KW 3 coilovers, H&R Anti roll bars, BBK 19" Alloys and all the options apart from the buckets: Didn't want to sell it but I was starting to do lots and lots of commuting so changed to a...
  20. variosso

    Fresh RS6 Wrap - What do you guys think?

    Hi Guys, Haven't been here for a while and must say I've missed this place. What do you guys think about this RS6 wrap?? Work done by Prestige Wrap & Customs, London.