rs3 8p

  1. strizzle

    Wanted RS3 8P WANTED

    Is anybody selling a rs3 8p the more specced up or modded the better
  2. tig202

    Wanted Black 8p RS3 exhaust tail pipes

    As in the title, my chrome items are beyond redemption so I’m after some tasty looking powder coated black ones. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Zeus12

    EVENTURI Carbon Fibre Air Intake Development

    Guys, Arguably one of the most aesthetic and highest performing intakes on the market is the fully carbon-fibre cold-air system from Eventuri: At present, Eventuri only produce an 8V PFL and FL version of this intake. In a couple of weeks time...
  4. aar007

    *RS3 8P buying advice needed*

    Dear ASN community, I'm looking into buying and RS3 8P, and I have a few questions: 1. I have noticed none of the advertised rs3 had a panoramic sunroof, was that never an option on the RS? 2. I love how sexy the wingback seats are, and they give the interior a very sporty vibe, but is it...
  5. Rayner_1704

    Difference between 8p and 8v intakes

    Hi as above I’m wanting to know what the main differences are between the 8p and 8v induction kits are I hear they are different and won’t fit? I’m wanting a new intake for my 8v but purely for noise and I can’t justify £1000+ for some intake noise. Wondering if you could modify an 8p...
  6. -Ju- it an itch that needs scratching?

    Ok so I have a dilemma going on in my head at the moment. I currently have a 2015 S3 sportback which has a really nice spec and a good few tasteful mods, I really love this car and after 4 x 8P's including 2 S3's it's head and shoulders the best so far and I don't need to change it However my...
  7. M

    2.5 TFSI on big turbo and low boost suggestions?

    Hi everyone. Just want to check your opinions about low boost (in terms of turbo max. output) on middle/bigger turbo (PT 5558 Gen2 pr PT5862 Gen2) compare to stock BW K16 Turbo in terms of fighting high EGT and overall temps (on any hybrid like TTE500 or Loba or even stock turbo if we get high...
  8. VAG_Club001

    8P RS3 Rear Roof Spoiler fitting instructions for 8P S3

    Hi all, I'm either being really lazy or haven't looked hard enough but has anyone done this mod or got a link to getting one fitted? Thanks , KKP
  9. RS3Yooda

    Hi, I am new here.. Live in Sweden

    Hi, I created my account today so I just want to say hi :) I am from Stockholm, Sweden and drive a RS3 8p Misano Red :)