1. Dk2020

    Rs3 opf filter; year?

    Hey! i am in search of a rs3. Love the sound from Pfl; have tested a -16 with stock sport exhaust and it was absolutely fantastic. have been wondering if it would be good to try to buy something newer, if not too little updated technology such as Vc etc. Have read a lot about that fl doesn't...
  2. Justin Whitehouse

    255 front 235 rear?

    I wanted to ask what people thought of the staggered setup against the 235 front and rear. I currently have the 235 all round but considering going to the 255 front or 245 all round. What are the benefits to the staggered setup?
  3. Justin Whitehouse

    MSS springs?

    I know a lot of people have these but wanted to ask if they really are worth £845 by the time you pay postage compared to Eibach, etc which are just over £200. I can see the attraction of the adjustability (how easy is this?) but are they a better ride quality if lowered say 25mm. I’m not...
  4. Justin Whitehouse

    Wheels and tyres for FL RS3

    I am about to purchase a new set of Ispiri FFR1D wheels and wanted to get any views on the best tyres to buy. Anyone found ones that are much better than the Pirelli’s that come as standard.