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    VAGCOM support for 2017 Audi Model? does it still work

    Hi Peeps! I cant find the answer to this anyway so I do apologise if its duplicated I have an audi a5 2011 model, vcds has never let me down ! how ever I want to switch to a Q5 2017 Model + and wondered if the rosstech/vcds cables worked for this just as they did for the older models. I have...
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    FS $400 Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB+CAN UNLIMITED LICENSE Dallas, TX

    Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB + CAN with build-in VCDS license. Unlimited VINs. Used once. Ready to be used with the latest VCDS software that can be downloaded from Ross Tech web site. Check Ross-Tech web site for details and your vehicle compatibility. This is a must have tool for every VW/Audi...