1. Woorlord

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN Cable (Unlimited VIN)

    Here on offer is my Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN cable. This was originally purchased from ROSS-TECH directly from the United States and is an unlimited VIN cable with regard to use on compatible VAG vehicles. This cable is immaculate with no signs of any obvious wear, and has been used for...
  2. chris.vincent3

    Audi Q7 back-up cam cannot be reached?

    Hi, my dads friend that owns a Q7 that I've been resetting his service light for sometime now as he does his own service and gets me to turn it off with VCDS. Reset the service last year and his back-up cam has stopped working since. Since then he's checked the camera and all connections...