1. G

    For Sale A3 8P (2004-2012) Thule Roof Rack Kit & Box

    Thule roof rack kit and box for: A3 3-dr Hatchback (8P) with Normal Roof 2003 - 2012 or A3 Sportback 5-dr Hatchback (8P) with Normal Roof 2004 - 2012 Thule Clamp Evo x 4 (part number 710500 / 7105) Thule SquareBar Evo 127 (part number 712300 / 7123) Thule Fit Kit (part number 145085) Thule...
  2. NME

    A3 8P3 Convertible Help

    Hi, Has anyone got the A3 8P convertible (2009) that they can take a picture of where the 2 arms in the boot join onto the glass, that are responsible for folding the rear section of the roof and glass into the boot are? My wife has one, and they have become detached, and I'm wondering what...
  3. P

    VCDS Plymouth

    Hi folks Any VCDS readers in Plymouth UK area. Have no cabriolet roof functioning. Windows drop and that's it. Tried manual reset but not working. However rear window is com I g away from fabric. Thnx in advance
  4. A

    A4 Cabriolet B7 Roof Remote Key

    Hello Everyone, I am new on this forum and I drive an A4 Cabriolet B7 (2007 reg). I want to know If anyone has got the adaptation value for the VCDs to program the roof to open with the remote key, or if the only way to have that installed is with an extra module?
  5. B

    A4 B7 Cab - Roof only opening a few inches then stopping?

    Hi There I just bought my 2008 B7 Cabriolet, and the roof worked during the test drive. However having tried again on my own, the roof only opens a few inches then stops. The dash also has the roof light flashing on startup (but it disappears). The guy I bought it from said "fiddle around...
  6. razputin

    Rain water

    Had my A7 just over a week now and totally loving it, although I've noticed one strange thing. I live in NI so we see a lot of rain, every time I open the door when it is currently raining or has been raining, a serious amount of water pours into the car and onto the seat from the roof as if...
  7. CKY2KA

    A3 Cabriolet 2010 Roof/Window problem

    Hello guys, I have this particular problem. Tried few main solutions, without success. Problem: Roof not opening due to rear right window not working completely. Window motor/module is working as I checked it on the other side window. 12v is coming to motor module connector too. All 4...
  8. M7MD

    Facelift 2017 Audi S3 panoramic sunroof

    Dear all Panoramic sunroof: * Opening/Closing speeds, What is the safest speed while opening and closing the panoramic sunroof to avoid issues. * Safe Driving speed, What best and safest speed to drive while the Panoramic Sunroof is opened to avoid having issue with the panoramic sunroof.
  9. G20NEN

    Project Headliner

    Hey guys Got a project i want to do and put fiber optic lighting in the headliner basically, have the kit ready just need some guidance/help on how to remove the headliner because it seems solid and tricky Car is a 2012 Audi A7 3.0 V6 Sline Quattro Much appreciated
  10. M

    Help please new roof fitment

    Hi everyone. I have the dreaded rear screen falling out problem which a lot of people seem to have so I have bought a Second hand roof off eBay which I will be fitting with a friend. Got quite a lot of mechanical knowledge and it's a challenge we can take on but I found a video couple weeks back...
  11. G

    Audi A3 8P 2009-2012 roof spoiler

    Hi everyone, I am interested in buying an s-line roof spoiler for my 2012 Audi A3 8P non sline model. I found this one on german ebay:
  12. TheRotiCab

    B7 Final Edition Cabriolet Roof Issue

    Hi all, I'm new on here but have often scoured through posts from time to time. I have an A4 cabby with roof issues, the roof lifts two inches. The roof hasn't worked since buying the car and have put up with it for around 2 years, this past weekend I took the motor apart cleaned the...