roof bars

  1. O

    A1 Roof Rails

    Hi all - I was hoping someone might be able to confirm if you can retrospectively fit roof rails to the Audi A1 Sportback (2015) with panoramic roof. If so I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the direction of where a set can be purchased (either official audi or aftermarket)...
  2. J

    Roof bars!!!!

    Hi Chaps, I’m stuck! I need some roof bars for my Audi S4 Avant B9. Managed to work out finally that closed and flush are the same who decided to name the same thing twice! questions? will all flush / closed roof bar systems fit? Can I also fit the wider 137/138cm roof bars on with no issues...
  3. F

    Roof bars for Audi A4 Avant

    I need to get some roof bars for my Audi A4 Avant (67 Reg). Any recommendations from others on brands to buy and where best to buy (new or used)?
  4. E


    Hi all, I recently bought a pair of Avant B9 roof bars (the type which fit to the rails) and one of the lift up caps / housings are missing. Do any of you have one or know where I can get one? I’ve looked online and can never find! Thanks Ed
  5. kolash

    Wanted Roof bars for 2017 A3 Sportback without rails

    Needed for early Feb latest....
  6. HertS3

    Found Roof bars for S3 without roof rails

    As the title says, looking for roof bars for my PFL S3 without roof rails
  7. Chimp

    2017 A5/S5 Coupe - Roof Bars & Roof Box

    As title says, anyone with the above have any experience. I have had the roof bars since purchase but I haven't fitted them yet (will do this weekend). I believe the rear bar fixing is under the rear side window trim? I haven't been able to check whilst it's been light as its always dark when...
  8. B

    Roofbars for roofrails

    Hi, I’m new to this forum and awaiting delivery of an S3 Sportback with roof-rails. I’m looking for advice on the lowest profile bars available, ideally ones that look similar to Yakima/Probars (Whispbars) that fit golf estate/Audi A4-A6 as these seem to lock between the rails rather than sit on...
  9. RyanChester1

    Genuine Audi roof bars installation instructions

    Iv recently bought some used genuine Audi roof bars for my a4 saloon but they don’t come with any instructions on how to install! Is there a link anywhere to download the installation instructions?