ride height

  1. M

    Eibach Pro Kit on 2006 A3 - 10mm higher at front for some reason?

    This is something that's always annoyed me since lowering my A3. I haven't been bothered to measure ride height front to back, but either the back is sitting too low and the front is sitting at the correct height, or it's the other way around. Personally I think it's the latter, if anything it...
  2. V6_Man

    Facelift A3 8V Sportback Sport - Suspension Question

    Hi folks, Recently bought my missus an A3 8V in scuba blue. It is a sportback Sport, which comes with sport suspension. The previous owner had the car sit a bit higher and I wanted to lower it just tad bit. With the current gap between the wheels and the arches I am sure I will be fit in all of...
  3. S

    Facelift 18" - Mag Ride height?

    Hi, I'm currently configuring a facelift S3 sportback and need a little advice regarding 18" alloys and mag ride. Firstly, will mag ride be beneficial on 18" wheels? I can see mag ride is mandatory on 19" wheels but not 18". Secondly, from doing a little research it seems the ride height is...
  4. A

    A3 8p sportback suspension info?

    Hi guys, So I have a 58/2008 facelift audi a3 sportback 1.9tdi e 104. Both my front suspension springs have snapped and I'm having trouble trying to source replacements. So i rang my local audi dealer and the parts department stated that i have sport/s line suspension?. Bit weird as mine is not...