revo stage 2

  1. W55LSY

    Recommended Remaps (LEGIT) for under £250?

    Yo! A3 170 blackline 2010 So, I want a Celtic, but can’t afford it. I know there’s flash based ***** on offer but that is not happening on my car In this time of uncertainty, does any know legit mappers in the south east, or national network, that are offering good deals whilst business is...
  2. Forbzeeee

    MRC vs Revo Stage 2

    Hi All, I took my car to MRC today as I was curious to find out how much power my Revo stage 2 map was giving me. Some of you will know I always wanted to stick with Revo as I have been a fan for years. I've always had Revo on my S3's (8L, 8P and now my 2015 8V). I ran Revo stage 1 for a...