revo stage 1

  1. W55LSY

    Recommended Remaps (LEGIT) for under £250?

    Yo! A3 170 blackline 2010 So, I want a Celtic, but can’t afford it. I know there’s flash based ***** on offer but that is not happening on my car In this time of uncertainty, does any know legit mappers in the south east, or national network, that are offering good deals whilst business is...
  2. AudiTurbo8

    HELP!!! 1.8TFSI Misfire at 1600rpm When Cold

    Hi guys, I have a 1.8TFSI 61 plate A3 with 60k miles. it's got FASH and has a stage 1 Revo remap. for a while it's had a problem where until it reaches 90deg, it'll hesitate at 1600rpm in every gear, and it'll carry on very faintly for the first few minutes even at that temperature. I've had it...
  3. Krash

    First time A3 owner, (1.4tfsi 150ps) - remap options, Revo Stage 1?

    New member here - hello everyone. I'd like to thank all those on this forum who post and take the time to share their knowledge and experience, I think I've spent about a week solid reading this forum and the resulting branches of research - from performance and aesthetic modding to detailing...
  4. I

    S1 new owner advice needed

    Hi there guys I've had my S1 about a month or so now and absolutely love it (coming from a fiesta ST) I now want to start small modifications to it and want to here from people who have fitted the turbo muffler delete is it worth it. Is the Revo induction kit any good. And what's the best cat...
  5. highlanderian

    Sps 3 query

    I'll have an sps 3 shortly, my question is.......can anyone tell me, which cable I need to connect it to my laptop. I gather USB to something lol, din or ps2 and....... Do I need a male or female end? My car is revo stage1 With badger tip, Cat back, 008dv, pcv delete, catch can. If I can't get...
  6. pez81

    Audi S6 C.5 Avant 0-60mph, 0-100mph Launch Control Revo Stage 1

    Okay so i promised id do some videos so i went out tonight to try and get some. First of all sorry for the shocking quality. I had to find a private stretch of road to do this on which aint easy if you've ever tried. The road i eventually found wasn't in the best condition, had mounds...