1. Chrissy_lou

    Help audi goes into reverse when going into first gear…

    Hi! Finally got my new Audi A3 today, when driving to work all ok but randomly at a red light it went into reverse when I went to put it in first when setting off…I didn’t push the gear stick down at all but I put it back then tried to do first gear again and went into reverse again. Had a quick...
  2. F

    Reverse switch - no power

    Hello all, Done all the usual stuff I could find suggested online, new bulb, checked every fuse, new reverse switch, checked for power and broken wiring to reverse switch. Still nothing. I have determined that there is no power going to the reverse switch. Only pin 1 (Blue/Black) has any form...
  3. D

    My S3 started reversing by itself

    This morning I was in my car, engine on and in 'P'. I had to quickly get out to get something so I opened the door and as I was about to leave the car it started reversing! So I quickly jumped back in but it was too late. The car had gone into my garage door and waste bins!!! This has never...
  4. BahnStormer77

    Avant LED tail-light question

    Hi - I've got the PFL (2012) A6 Avant with the full LED light pack... the driver's side reverse light failed (picked up and notified on the big DIS screen between the dials)... The parts database seemed to only show bulbs for the 2012 rear lights and when I phoned up Audi and gave them my reg...
  5. P


    2001 Audi A6 4.2. Only occurs under low speed acceleration. No light on dash. Comes from the front right area. Only other problem is reverse has little to no power/torque. Car runs great other wise. Plenty of torque and power.
  6. pilla

    Car keeps going into reverse when selecting first gear

    Evening folks, Back in the saddle, managed to net a nice little B5 S4 for a good price. First apparent issue is selecting first gear, its a fine line between reverse , first and third, like stirring porridge, any ideas on what the most likely culprit is? Obviously its a worn linkage or something...