reverse light switch

  1. A

    ESP Sensor Audi A4 Avant2.0 TDI

    So I’ve read through a few chats and still no wiser. Got a couple of problems. Diagnostics revealed error code 00493. As the traction light is on. Diagnostics read implausible. So I’m going to replace the sensor, is this located under the centre console and do you have to remove the whole...
  2. O

    Reverse light fuse blowing

    Hi guys, Was driving about the other day and a mate mentioned my reverse light was out. After checking and replacing the bulb and testing the switch I found a 15 amp fuse in a 5 amp fuse spot that had blown. Put in a new fuse and it blew as soon as I turned on the ignition, I'm thinking...
  3. mr_pepps

    Reverse light switch - plastic connector query

    Problem: The plastic connector which clips into the reverse light switch (on the gearbox, 02J version) has warped out of shape and doesn't sit inside the reverse light switch anymore. I've tried searching online for a replacement connector but it's a nightmare. Plenty of offers for replacement...