1. A

    SQ5 Geniune Audi retrofit towbar need assistance locating installation

    Hi All l am wondering if anyone can assist. I have a 2021 sq5 wanting to install a genuine retrofit fully integrated towbar like the one in this youtube video however l have been told by audi dealer here in Melbourne Australia they dont do this. Does anyone know here if it is possible? And...
  2. V

    Memory seat retrofit convertible

    I have a B9 S5 Convertible which didn't come with memory seats, is there a guide or a forum thread where someone has attempted to retrofit this? From reading online in the forums it's "easy" to do this for coupe models because the modules needed are already fitted, would this be the same for...
  3. D

    Audi A3 2013 8V Retro Fit

    Hello Everyone, After waiting for sometime i pulled to trigger on a 2013 1.4 Tfsi A3 SportBack. I am planning on to have some upgrades. Just want some advice if what I have selected is correct and some more. LED Headlights with Dynamic turn Signals as mine has halogen Link LED Tail lights...
  4. M

    Led Retrofit

    Hello I would like to ask if someone has retrofitted pfl bixenon headlights (without afs and cornering) as an upgrade to halogen ones but with led H7 bulb instead of bixenon (with the use of an adapter wiring loom) so as to avoid extra cabling, xenon amplifier and extra ECU??
  5. 1

    R8/TTRS//TT8S Steering Wheel Retrofit Issues

    So currently I am in the process of retrofitting the Audi TTS steering wheel pictured above onto my A3 8V. I have also been following this this thread for help with wiring the airbag. So it turns out not only is the connector on my steering wheel different to the one from the thread or any...
  6. saffauk

    ACC Retrofit coding

    Good day all I have retrofitted ACC to my S6 C7 that was originally installed on another A6 by Kufatec. Everything has been installed correctly and have no wiring issues. I am finding it difficult to locate someone that can do the final coding for me. This cannot be done via VCDS or ODIS, my...
  7. S

    Aluminum Door trim with LED lighting PNs?

    Does anyone know the genuine Audi part numbers for the Brushed Aluminum LED door trims please? :)
  8. CheekyWizard

    What kind of retrofits have YOU done to your A3/S3?

    I've always been curious as to what kind of retrofits you guys have done to your A3/S3 and why. And most importantly how you stumbled onto retrofitting in the first place! I'll start with what i have done to my A3 hatchback since i bought it almost 4 years ago second hand, and how i started...
  9. MarijZ

    Audi A4 B6 Washer sensor retrofit anyone?

    Hello everyone, i've got an A4 2002 with the most basic steering wheel module (no board computer, no bulb failure warning, no screenwash sensor, no cruise control). I've bought a replacement stalk with cruise control and board computer and I was wondering if it's possible to retrofit the...
  10. s3mad_dude

    For Sale A3 8V 40 watts “Audi Sound System” front door speakers

    Hi Everyone, I have for sale a pair of front door speakers for the Audi A3/S3/RS3 8V series. The speakers are from the Audi Sound System which is the second type of music setup that Audi offered. It’s better then the basic setup as it comes with more speakers, more powerful speakers too, and a...
  11. Audi98

    Cruise control retrofit

    Hi is anyone able to code in Cruise control in a 2010 Audi A3 in the W Midlands area?
  12. pauladam

    A3 8P3 sportback audio retrofit options

    Hi, recently acquired a 2010 A3 sportback (8P3), which has Bose speakers, but a standard concert head (no Bluetooth, DAB etc.) im looking at options for changing out the head unit with something that will at very least offer DAB (yes, aware there will be antenna work) and hopefully hands free...
  13. S

    TT 8S Matrix retrofit

    Hello everyone, My vehicle (Audi TT 8S) is fitted with bi-xenon as standard. I bought the Kufatec upgrade kit (adapter cable + control unit module + coding dongle) and used Matrix headlights from a reputable specialist. After several attempts at installation and calibration at Audi, the Matrix...
  14. E

    Retrofiting/Upgrading To Navigation Plus, Virtual Cluster, Center Screen Help

    Hello so i posted a while ago about a B8 but something didnt work out with that car and well now i have a 2017 Audi A4 Premium B9 which has a traditional analog guage cluster, a 7.0 inch screen and mmi without navigation. So i found a deal and bought a virtual cluster, 8.25 inch screen, and mmi...
  15. lleiro

    Another CC retrofit thread if I may...

    Hi everyone. I am closing up on retrofitting a cruise control on my 05. Explored all the options, I was quoted £250+ to have it done, (can't do) I was quoted £118 for the stalk alone (nope)... and I ended up getting the whole Stalk set and the cowling for £40 off a salvage yard and I went for...
  16. EmAQ8

    Q8 Retrofit - Seat memory , HUD

    Hello, I've tried to search for some informations regards retrofit Seat memory and HUD but couldn't find any. Now I'll try my luck here. Did anyone retrofit one of them? I think it won't be much difference to the new A6/A7/A8.
  17. sanmark

    Retrofit wireless charger

    Hello everyone, I managed to get a OEM wireless charger for my A3 (2017) and I was wondering does anyone knows the procedure for coding and activating.?
  18. P.C.K

    [A3 8P] Upgrading the factory radio and have some general questions.

    Hey guys. I am going to be upgrading the factory radio very soon. The most likely candidate is the Alpine CDE-W296BT. I'll be defeaning the doors and the boot with some felt too. Keep in mind I am extremely green on the whole car stereo business. The car in question is an 5 door 2010 S-line...
  19. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Q2 - Heads Up Display Retrofit

    Hi Guys & Gals, I've owned my S-Line Q2 for a while now and from having a look into Vorsprung models due to another thread, I noticed they also have Heads up display. Just out of pure curiosity, would this be something that could be retrofitted, has anyone done this? It would of course require...
  20. SajH

    Q5 Extended Lighting Retrofit - advice needed

    Hi all, Have been browsing the forum for a few months now since picking up my Q5 (FY Sept 2017) Decided to join as I need some advice and keen to understand what everyone else is upto with their cars. So anyway.... there are a few things I’m hoping to do with my Q5 one of which is retrofitting...