1. S

    A5 S-line seat retrofit

    Hi can anyone help me with either wiring or tips to install these seats? Bit of context: I currently have 2012 S-line Facelift 8P with heated seats and driver side electronically ajustable seat and passenger manually ajustable seat. (Picture with blue, yellow & black plugs) I have bought...
  2. L

    S3 rear tail light

    Can I somehow fit the 5 door taillights on an 3 door?
  3. Bobi25

    Project ambient light's

    Hey there everyone just wanted to show you all what I've been working on I allso have another project were I installed a wireless charger.
  4. A38PBR

    Interior Dashboard Buttons LED Colour Change

    Hi all, I Was scrolling through AutoTrader & came across this modded out RS3 with white LED buttons...
  5. D

    Coding ambient lighting

    Hey guys, decided to retrofit ambient lighting into my audi a6c6 2008 avant. I've activated green menu via vcds and did this procedure: GREEN MENU>DIAG SETTINGS>APK 0x01, 0x0B, 0x0C>Interior lighting (extended) ----this wasn't ticked, so i ticked it. GREEN MENU>DIAG SETTINGS>CAR MENUS...
  6. Audi Bremer

    Retrofit Q5 steering wheel to A6 C7

    hello I got the old 3 spoke steering wheel without paddle shifters in the audi now. I want the q5 steering wheel in it, what and how to get it to work?
  7. A

    Facelift Retrofit LTE, which ant. cables ?

    Hi all Im looking into retrofit LTE ant to my 8V facelift sportback, i have already done the upgrade to Harman MIB2. Do any of you guys know which cables/connectors/adaptors i should use between the 2 LTE ant from rear bumper to the MIB unit infront? Thanks ;)
  8. R

    Horn hard to press

    Hi, I recently upgraded my original FL steering wheel to S3 flat bottom steering wheel with shift pedal. Everything works great except the horn. I can no longer honk by pressing the sides of the airbag cover no matter how deep I push. However, the horn honk if I press the center of the airbag...
  9. vakula

    Retrofit A3 (8Y) with Audi Sound System

    Hello friends! I've ordered A3 (8Y) Sportback and awaiting the car in Oct 2022. Unfortunately I had to choose from what was already preconfigured by the dealer and the car will be equipped with a basic sound 6 speakers. I listened in the show car and cried :sadlike: - very weak, mid and high is...
  10. N

    Parking sensor retrofit

    Hi, I have a 2016 (66) A3 8V. I have purchased a parking sensor kit which came with all the modules etc however i am unsure where to connect the cables. I have attached pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. D

    Auto Headlights Retrofit coding problem (I think).

    Hi All, This is my first post here, be kind. I've searched through the other posts but a lot of them seem to go nowhere or have a slightly different problem. I've got an S3 8V 2013 which came with no auto wipers/headlights. I've installed the sensor 8U0955559B and switch 8V0941531K and made...
  12. L

    Installed Xtrons iq80A3AL (review & findings)

    I just got my A3 Premium Plus and so in love but the RNSE was so outdated I knew the first thing was a headunit update. Doing all the research and talking to several leading memebers on here, I went with the iq80A3AL which is the 6gb RAM 128gb Storage version. The GOOD: Installation: One of the...
  13. dany2k

    Retrofit of Autohold

    Hi guys, A return to the forum after several years away. I’m after somebody to supply and fit Autohold to my 2016 A4 Avant. The car’s been specced with seemingly everything under the sun but that; I’m missing it dreadfully following coming from a 2017 Tiguan. I’m based in West Yorkshire. Thanks!
  14. L

    Retrofit Facelift Rear Lights - Fog lights not working!

    Hi, I’ve just installed the facelift 8P1 lights onto my 06. All the lights work fine all except the rear fog lights, how do I correct this and get the annoying message to stop!
  15. H

    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    I have recently picked up my new Audi A3 S-line 8Y in Navarra Blue. The car has the LED headlights fitted but I would like to switch these for the upgraded Matrix LED headlights. Does anyone have any knowledge/information around whether it is possible to retrofit these Matrix LED headlights?
  16. L

    Retrofitting S3 rear bumper to 06 A3

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me a clear answer here, I’ve recently bought an S3 rear bumper to fit on my 06 A3. I’ve seen loads of people say it can be done no issues and some say the exhaust isn’t in the right place, I’ve done some rough measuring and it seems to be in the right...
  17. A

    SQ5 Geniune Audi retrofit towbar need assistance locating installation

    Hi All l am wondering if anyone can assist. I have a 2021 sq5 wanting to install a genuine retrofit fully integrated towbar like the one in this youtube video however l have been told by audi dealer here in Melbourne Australia they dont do this. Does anyone know here if it is possible? And...
  18. V

    Memory seat retrofit convertible

    I have a B9 S5 Convertible which didn't come with memory seats, is there a guide or a forum thread where someone has attempted to retrofit this? From reading online in the forums it's "easy" to do this for coupe models because the modules needed are already fitted, would this be the same for...
  19. D

    Audi A3 2013 8V Retro Fit

    Hello Everyone, After waiting for sometime i pulled to trigger on a 2013 1.4 Tfsi A3 SportBack. I am planning on to have some upgrades. Just want some advice if what I have selected is correct and some more. LED Headlights with Dynamic turn Signals as mine has halogen Link LED Tail lights...
  20. M

    Led Retrofit

    Hello I would like to ask if someone has retrofitted pfl bixenon headlights (without afs and cornering) as an upgrade to halogen ones but with led H7 bulb instead of bixenon (with the use of an adapter wiring loom) so as to avoid extra cabling, xenon amplifier and extra ECU??