resonator delete

  1. N

    S3 Resonator Delete 2020

    Hi I picked up my new s3 in February with the new gpf filters on. Coming from a 16 plate s3 I was disappointed with the sound Had a custom resonator delete on Friday if anyone is interested I’ll put some before and after videos up
  2. soofiRS

    Sold Audi RS5 4.2 FSI V8 (2011) - FDSH, Cobra tracker, 2 owners, 74k

    With the current climate and having been working from home since March, I have decided to put my car up for sale. It has rarely had any use maybe 200 miles since March. I cannot justify keeping it when I also have a wedding coming up next year to pay for. No expense has been spared during my...
  3. Matthew Harrison

    Exhaust for a MY2020 45TFSI

    Hi, has anyone looked at swapping the exhaust on the MY2020 A4 45TFSI? is this still classed as a B9 or a so confused now. it turns out, there's 4 'silencers' in them now...! i went to have my centre resonator delete done, and has now been removed. but turns out....made...
  4. Mr_Freeze

    Resonator delete pipe.

    Hi Everyone, Has anybody fitted a resonator delete pipe on their car? If so where did you get it, what kind of results did you get? I’ve searched the old interweb and they don’t seem to be as common as delete pipes for the RS3 which I did to my old car.
  5. o_dungey

    Downpipe & resonator delete sound

    hi has anyone got a 3inch catless downpipe and a resonator delete with a standard back box and if so would you mind posting a few sound clips? Cheers
  6. AJ Jacob

    Audi S7 2015 Resonator Delete

    Hi Guys, New owners of an Audi S7, was wondering how to go about getting the car a bit more louder as stock the V8 sound is so hidden. Also is there an issue with doing the resonator delete, Cons and Pros? Any drone issues?
  7. Adam14

    S3 8v Resonator Delete

    Hi All, The first post, I've been extensively looking at the various forum posts on here in regards to the resonator delete, with mixed reviews. Some saying too loud, drone etc. I'm looking at getting the BCS Powervalve anti-drone resonator delete system, was just wondering whether those of you...
  8. Adi-M

    Facelift Audi S3 8V FL Saloon Mods - Res Delete, Body kit & More!

    Right, so i have owned my S3 for just over 3 weeks now, and i absolutely love it! Could not be happier. (had my deposit down on a VW GTI performance but found this beauty at the last second so cancelled the GTI and went for this - probably one of the best decisions i have ever made) Anyway, i...
  9. Rayner_1704

    Facelift People with a Res delete HELP!

    Hi just a quick question on the resonator delete is there noticeable difference in how loud / crackles and pops there is in the different drive select modes like there is with the standard exhaust? Basically does it still pop and bang like a yobo when say driving in comfort or eco? Thanks
  10. Rayner_1704

    Facelift Resonator delete

    hi Looking at getting a resonator delete on my facelift, can you buy a bolt on kit ? Or do you have to have the exhaust cut? Also My car is on lease so what would happen if Audi noticed ? And would it bring up any fault codes up? Thanks