1. J

    Electric window motor getting stuck... try this!

    Hey guys, Early last year the front windows got stuck due to a severe cold spell (no biggie - that's winter for you). They wouldn't open so I kept pressing the button and eventually the window 'jolted' a little (it became unstuck). The windows WOULD go up and down, but if you pressed the...
  2. I

    Audi A3 TDI PD 2.0L 2006

    Hi, I have a Audi A3 TDI PD 2.0L 2006 and need the cambelt changed. I have looked on Audi web site and and here are the costs: Audi Dealer Fixed Price - Cam belt with water pump - £599 - £430.18 What and where would you suggest I get this work done? I live...
  3. Shortyian

    Accident Damaged Sportback - Photo Documenting the repairs

    Hi, first post on here as a new member... I have just bought an accident damaged 2013 A3 S-Line Sportback - Not sure how much i can repair myself but i'm going to attempt certain jobs to keep garage labour costs down (some jobs will have to be done by the garage as above my skill) I was also...