1. chrisrs180

    S3 8V (2017) facelift drivers side headlight repair/replace?

    Dear guys & gals, I know that basically I will likely require an entire headlight replacement and the chances of picking up a 2nd hand one in acceptable condition are slim to none. I have a crack in the edge of the headlight and an "Audi Adaptive headlight error". The LED strip is working but...
  2. AudiDan1

    Mechatronic unit is stuck, connector housing won't come out

    Hi guys, the mechatronic unit on my A7 won't come out, I followed these instructions...
  3. Rayne666

    Car cranking but wont start. Weird noise

    I have a 2003 audi a4 1.8t that I recently replaced the ecu and main relays on but now I go to start it and this is all I get . Also lights in dash and on center console flickering even without key inside. Any and...
  4. S

    Facelift Panel beaters broke my Matrix headlights

    Hey guys. 2019 S3 Sedan here. I was in a not at fault accident and took the car to my insurances preferred repairer for cosmetic damage of the rear quarter (about 3 panels and the skirt were hit). They had it for 6 days. Picked up my car today and my Matrix headlights aren't working! I can...
  5. D

    Wiring Loom Repair Question

    Hi all, I have a question I'm hoping someone can help with. I recently installed a new aftermarket HU, which in previous cars haven't been complicated. Since owning my A3 8P I had been thinking of buying one for a while, but was put off by not being able to locate a proper ignition live that...
  6. Y

    Need replacement S3 Brake Plate!

    Hi guys Pretty much self explanatory, i bought a S3 8V 2014 literally couple days ago and i noticed on 1 side it has a missing brake caliper plate. Does anyone have any spare i can buy or any used ones, it is the driver side caliper that has it missing. anything will be much appreciated!
  7. S

    2006 A6 3.2FSI - Throttle body adaption?

    So, I've been having throttle body troubles. It's been clicking and hammering, and making the car difficult to drive. I thought I might have messed it up, unplugging it to get to some bolts changing the camshaft control valves, so I tried running the adaption, or basic settings procedure in...
  8. B

    Hello everyone I am here for you

    Everyone hello, I am car electric from the Lithuania and fixing all kind of electric problems. I had fixed from gasoline, diesel till full electric cars. Also I have 5 years practice of car fixing. So if you want to ask some of questions.
  9. TDubYa

    DIY question

    Bad weather has caused the underbody trim on the lefthand side to detach at the front, where it connects to the engine underbelly cover. I mean, it was terrible out there, like driving through a river. Question is, could I replace myself, or is it best to get a shop to do it. I’d be using a...
  10. Joshua Ward

    79k Hasn't had clutch/flywhel change?

    Hi all, My car (Audi S3 8P) had just hit 79k, had it for around a month and the clutch is feeling a little high, this is my first Audi but i imagine they aren't usually high. From what ive seen people are recommending 80k-100k for the change? havent had any slipping or issues changing gear...
  11. J

    Is this mirror broken? Can it be fixed easily?

    I tested a 2013 A3 s line on Saturday, but I noticed that the driver side mirror didn't adjust out as far as I expected. I could see 30-50% car, and I normally have this at 10-15% to see more of the blind spot. I tried this in a very similar A3 at the same place and I could adjust it fine. Am I...
  12. A

    Haldex controller repair or replace ?

    audi a3 3.2 8p 2004 ive had and esp light come up on the dash and lost all drive to the rear wheels, I'm starting to think it must be the haldex controller, I've checked all the connections which look fine! Anyone had any experience with getting them repaired, there's a place I found which...
  13. H

    **Need advice** Audi A4 1.8t cabriolet Quattro

    I have a A4 cabriolet Quattro the glass rear window has come away from the fabric hood and have tried a few different fixes with no great results. Does anyone have any sensible advice on what silicone to buy to make a good job black silicone preferably coming in to the winter I need to get this...
  14. M

    Is this repairable? Passenger door & offside rear quarter panel damage :(

    Annoying, went to pick up a screw for my glovebox at the audi parts department... Pulled out of some lights into a one lane road that splits into two after 10 meters or so... Went to pull over to the left before it split into two and a woman drove up the left side of me as I did that. I suppose...
  15. Warsuperior

    Audi A3/S3 Workshop manuals OEM

    Here you go people! Found these exremely helpful when building my S3! Its free and add free mostly. One annoying popup comes from time to time but thats about it. Has everything except maintenance/service parts...
  16. arobson90

    Just Car Clinic - Durham, Any feedback?

    Morning everyone! I unfortunately had a bump on Friday on the way home from work which is going through the insurance. My insurance company have passed my details to Just Car Clinics in Durham to carry out the work. I just wanted to know if anyone has used them previously (mainly bodywork)...
  17. V6_Man

    Where do I stand with my insurance repairer

    Folks, need some advice re: an insurance claim on my B7 A4. My wife was hit by a lorry back in Feb earlier in the year and we got the car fixed by the approved repairers. I was insured by Aviva at that time (renewal in March), and their repairers are; Liam Kenney who are approved Audi/MB/Jag...
  18. V6_Man

    Diamond Cut Repairer near Oxford

    Folks, wanted to get my alloys repaired (diamond cut) on my S4. I have them insured but the nearest approved repairers are in Farnborough / Bristol, which is a bit of a trek (I am Oxford based). I was wondering if there are any you'd recommend that I could go to around Oxford and I'll claim the...
  19. Rich81

    My not so daily 4.2 Quattro thread

    After one month of ownership, a fair bit of cash on parts and lots of my time, finally got my 4.2 Quattro in good working order. I've had two B5 passats and currently also own a C5 1.9TDi which I've had 2.5 years (bought for £200) and always wanted a proper Audi with a V8. Couldn't find a decent...
  20. luistlopez

    Help! I need to repair one of my seats.

    Hi! I'm new in this forums and I have not been able to find a thread treating this topic, only threads about problems with sliding and tilting of the seats, which are not the case. Last saturday I broke the handle that is located on the co-pilot shoulder in order to move the seat and allow...