1. A

    8V wing mirror cover removal

    thinking of buying carbon wing mirror covers for my A3 8v Sport but I’m wondering if there’s a way to remove the original covers without having to remove the actual glass mirror first? If you’ve replaced your mirror covers, how did you do it?
  2. Deskbound Dan

    How To Remove Heater Panel From Dashboard?

    Hello, The heater panel in my 2013 A3 8V Sportback has developed an issue whereby the backlight has dimmed on one side so I'm hoping you may be able to help me with this please. All buttons still operate as they should so this is purely a visual annoyance rather than anything else. Audi quoted...
  3. Ike

    rear (upper) boot trim removal?

    hi, i'm trying to remove the upper boot trim on my s3 (2007) today to install a number plate holder camera unit wotsit. i've removed the two torx screws but cant get the thing off. i found a post on another website that say just yank it, get your fingers in and it pulls off from the spring...