1. W

    Audi S1 propshaft centre (slip CV Joint) connection failure

    Hello All, Spent 3 evenings trying to assemble the 2016 Audi S1 propshaft centre (slip CV Joint) connection and have failed, any advice? Wayne
  2. T

    Help with driver side bumper grille

    Hi guys, New to the forum to ask this specific question - my front driver side plastic grille was recently scratched, planning to get it replaced via spare parts, just wondering how can I remove the old one? Do I have to take apart the bumper to unclip these or can I just pull them off? Any...
  3. W55LSY

    Removing excess wax/polish

    So, my recently purchased car has been waxed/polished so many times that rain literally falls off it it. this isn’t such a bad thing, however I have marks on the bonnet I want to get to which look like tree sap maybe?? Is there a product available to remove the many layers of wax/polish so I...
  4. MPH

    How to remove a rear screen without any damage

    Hi everybody looking to remove the rear screen from damaged tailgate where to start what tools are required for example I know you need some sort of wire to cut the sealant out any help would be appreciated thanks in advance MPH.
  5. L

    20v 30v Stem Seal Pliers

    Need recomended pair of pliers, or some tool to remove stem seals. Have found discontinued products from laser and draper. but need advice as no point ordering if need to return. Draper Laser
  6. JimmyB0206

    Audi A1 Glow Plugs

    Hi everyone. First time poster here and I am currently having a small issue with my 2015 Audi A1 1.6 TDI if one of you kind souls wouldn't mind shedding some light on. Not too long ago, the engine management light came on in relation to one of the glow plugs (P0671 - Cylinder 1 Glow Plug...
  7. M

    A3 2004 Radio Removal

    Hello, This is my first post. I have recently bought my first car, it’s an A3 2004 (54 plate) 2.0tdi 8p1. When I got the car it stank of smoke, was filthy inside and out therefore I decided to clean it. I removed the front seats and hoovered everything, used a carpet cleaner to clean all the...
  8. A

    Audi a3 8l: Central Armrest Removal

    Hi, all. I made a Video on removing the central armrest of the Audi a3 8l. This is the most common Audi interior problem, in my opinion, so I hope that thread will help some of you out. Prost from Germany! (I drive: :greyrs4:)
  9. L

    How to get rid of 'Inspection Due' message on my A3

    I bought an A3 a few months ago I'm now trying to sell. Problem is last service was not done at Audi dealer and so the electronic reminder system doesn't seem to know it's been done and thinks it's due. I therefore have an 'Inspection due' message I desperately want to get rid of before I try...
  10. Jamesrg


    Hi, i have a rough idle on my 2.0tdi 8P. i want to remove the throttle body and give it a clean to see if this cures it, but while im there i want to clean the EGR also, just want a quick guide if anyones has done this before on what ill need, the EGR and Throttle Body are inline together if im...
  11. M

    Fitting 2-channel dashcam. How do I remove Sportback boot trim?

    I've done a few searches but can't find any how-tos... I'm looking at fitting my new 2-channel dashcam in the next few days and wondered if anyone knows how to remove the boot lid trim. I want to use the rubber conduit to keep the install as discrete as possible. I know I have to unscrew two...
  12. KrisKrk

    RS6 C7 rear diffuser to C6?

    Will it fit? I like it more than RS6 C6 one. Tried to take mine Sline off the bumper, when painting it but couldn't so painted it fitted. Anyone knows how to remove the rear diffuser from the bumper?
  13. D

    Audi A4 B7 1.9 tdi egr cooler removal

    Hi, i'm new to the forum and I am having problems with my A4. My egr cooler has gone and leaking water into the exhaust. I have looped the coolant hoses together but now i want to remove the cooler and blank the whole system with Forge motorsport blanking plates I've brought. I am just having...
  14. LukeA3TDi

    (HELP/ADVICE) - Stone chips and scratches

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so be nice. Recently I picked up a 2011 A3 2.0TDi for an absolute bargain with only 30K on the clock. The car is in pretty mint condition but I have noticed a few areas that require work. Somehow there seems to be quite a few stone chips on the rear passenger arch. I...