1. A

    BHP testing

    Good morning, i have recently purchased a S3 8p from a dealer in Kent and I'm starting to think the car is not running stock. I'm pulling between 15-19 mpg ive only had a few days so am still on my first tank lol. Any recommendations for a good local to london tuner who could test the software...
  2. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0TFSI Dyno and Remapped - Results

    So, I got my 2018 A3 2.0 TSFI remapped the other day and the dyno results surprised me a bit. Have a look at what manufacturer claimed stock BHP and stock torque should be compared to what the car was actually outputting. 190bhp manufacturer claimed but car was outputting 213bhp. I’ve had the...
  3. Joshua Ward

    R-Tech Stage 1 S3 CDLC

    Just thought I would share my experience at R -Tech today with you all. Got there for 8 in the morning after a 5 o clock start, finally got my car inside at 8:50, didn't mind waiting spent most of the day playing pacman anyway, had the inlet manifold walnut blasted and the injectors refurbed, I...
  4. J

    EGR issues and mapping

    Hi, my 2011 A4 170, shuddered badly last Thursday and the glow plug light same on flashing, severely restricted throttle, 2,500rpm and no torque. limped to an Audi specialist garage and plugged into a laptop, told it was the infamous EGR. Told that the best course was to remap as the valve was...
  5. mrcndrw

    New A4 (B8.5) Owner saying Hola!

    Hey there, Glad to be part of a Forum I’ve always admired. Became the owner of 65 plate Audi A4 2.0 TDI Technik (in Mythos Black, which looks stunning when waxed up) around 6 weeks ago, after owning a B6 for many, many years. It was the 136BHP model, which within 2 weeks I’d had remapped to...
  6. C

    Poor A3 170 Quattro Remap Results?

    Hi everyone, First time posting and not the most clued up guy with these things (hence joining the forum to learn and for advice) so bare with me please. I just got my 11 plate A3 remapped (stage 1) at the performance centre in the North East. They seemed quite recommended however I got to...
  7. Joshua Ward

    Stage 1 Audi S3

    Hi all, Just a quick question, im thinking of going for a stage 1 remap from REVO on my 2011 Audi s3. it has done 78500 miles and has met all of its service intervals either on the dot or earlier, never had any issues with the engine as of yet will it be able to handle stage 1, have got rev D...
  8. A

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI Shaking & Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low Problem!

    To start off I will break things down with the history of problems with my 2013 Audi A3 8V Sportback 2.0 TDI. - The issues first started to occur when my car randomly started to struggle to start and the engine would shudder and shake when attempting to start up for about 5 seconds. The car...
  9. K


    A3 2.0 Bkd 2260vk looking for place to remap! Attaching pic of the build. *Except manifold is not tubular but short piped and CG motorsport clutch* Thanks
  10. razputin

    214 or 272bhp?

    Deciding to get rid of my A4 and get an A7 as I've always wanted one. A decent 3.0tfsi would be ideal but few about for around £25k so probably go for a 3 0tdi. As I love my toys there seems to be more 215bhp models with higher specs and in the black edition than there are 272bhp models with...
  11. dankeepinitreal

    Broken Piston on 2012 Black Edition A4 !!

    Anybody had an issue with a newish vehicle mine's a 2012 2.0 TFSI with 44,000 miles. Massive Piston fail scored the bore hole and knackered the engine, managed to get a used engine but it still cost me £2700.00!! Funnily enough it happened after a re map. The company denied the re map was the...
  12. B

    RS6 C7 Engine Tuning

    Hello Everyone! So, picking up a 2015 Panther Black RS6 C7 on Friday next week and am now struggling to get to sleep at night!! Can't wait and am really excited about it. I had asked my dealer to look out for an S7 which I thought would be a more affordable option until he gave me a deal on...
  13. Luca

    A3 sportback 2.0 tdi 150bhp 2014 remap

    hi all, Guys, I have tried to find answers to my question but i have been unlucky as i did not find any. Is there anyone with experience regarding a remapped 3rd generation A3 2.0 tdi 150bhp manual who has any suggestions to give to me as i am gonna remap in two days but i am not 100% sure...