1. florio_s3

    StateSideS3's long overdue Picture/Build Thread

    I have been extremely lazy on ever starting a thread for my car. Figured I'd finally get around to it. This is the current state, ill play catch up at a later time, but for now hope you enjoy and love to hear any feed back and or criticism Cheers! It is a 2001 S3, originally AMK 1.8t Car was...
  2. Woob

    8P retrofit database

    Afternoon all, I've been thinking for a while about OEM upgrades to my S3 and would really appreciate a directory of all of the OEM retrofits available. I figured it could be useful for all users. The main thing would be list of parts needed, tips and advice, costs associated and maybe any...
  3. C

    Recaro from A6

    Hello! After searching for 2 years for recaro leather seats finally found some. However they are from A6 C5 (4B) and since i have to take pretty long trip to even see them i was wondering if anybody knows, if they actually fit or what needs to be one? Most certainly will have minor setbacks...
  4. Sean_

    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Hi guys, long time lurker on the site so let me introduce myself, I’m Sean from Ireland and here is my 2005 Audi A4 2.0T FSI Quattro in Pearlescent Phantom Black. So here goes, I bought it a few months ago for a steal price and I’m extremely happy with it. I’d sold my MK5 GTI which I owned for...
  5. dhiren

    Heated leathers

    Hi guys, quick question. The s3 recaros, are the heated elements glued onto the seat foam, or are they glued to the leathers? Has anyone ever taken the covers off to see where the elements attach? Thinking of a re trim at some point.. TIA