rear wiper motor

  1. reverseproxy

    HOW TO : Rear wiper motor, and rear wiper 8P1

    Just some quickies. For anyone wanting to delve into their own repairs I just learn as I go Rear wiper motor replacement Rear wiper replacement
  2. D

    Rear Wiper Motor: is this common?

    Hi there! So I recently bought an Audi A3 Sport TDi from 2010 and the rear wiper arm is missing. I bought a 3rd party replacement which has been made for this model and it does not fit! After doing some research, I figured out most people's wiper does not look the same as mine - in fact, I still...
  3. J

    A4 Avant rear wiper stopped working due to bike rack!

    Unfortunately i must have left the rear wiper on after fitting our bike rack. The wiper is stuck halfway up the rear screen and doesn't move when i use the stalk to turn the wiper on/off. I've tried looking for a blown 15A fuse in both the rear luggage fuse area to the RHS as you open the boot...
  4. Nanz

    Rear Wiper motor caught on fire...

    Hi all I was driving today when it was raining and noticed the rear wiper wasn't moving, then before you know it smoke started coming from the motor and a couple mins later it caught on fire! I managed to stop and pull over before it became really bad and removed the fuse for the rear wiper so...
  5. C

    Good parts supplier for rear wiper motor

    A6 S-Line 3.0 Avant TDI 2012..... After several strip/rebuilds of my rear wiper motor (usual problem, water in it?) I had to give up - the contact plate that controls the intermittent wipe was beyond it all. I didn't even ask an Audi dealer for a price on the part. Eurocarparts wanted £245...