1. dp_motley

    Please share your 1.5/35TFSI dyno graph - stock and re-mapped, plz

    Hello. My car was re-mapped (ECU and TCU) last summer. There was no dyno at the dealers who flashed a new map from a reputable local (DK) supplier. The car felt more alive, but I expected more torque in low-mid range of revs. Also I liked numbers so I ran a dyno test later and was disappointed...
  2. abmat

    To revo or not to revo?

    As per the title, considering getting a revo map for my 3.2 now I have a full stainless system with sports cats. I’m not after massive power gains or anything like that, just want it running to it optimum with what is fitted. or should I get it mapped at r-tech? many advice from previous...
  3. YohanT

    For Sale 260 BHP - Audi A4 - 1.8T - B6 - 2002 - Grey

    £1295 or nearest offer - Call Now ! Hello All, I have for sale my beloved 260 BHP Audi A4 B6 1.8T. I have spent thousands on this car and it is a great powerful vehicle. See below on the overview and spec. Overview The car has been upgraded to a very fast 260BHP with a uprated K04-15 Turbo...
  4. Z

    Audi A4 B8 1.8T Remap

    Hi, I have a Audi A4 B8 1.8T with 120k on the clock. i currently have 160bhp and want that extra bit of power through the rev range. I want to know if anyone has experienced any issues after stage 1 remap, because of the miles on the car i dont want to put extra strain on the engine and turbo...
  5. T

    A3 2TDI S LINE £2K for 1st Remap, What to buy??

    Hi Guys, So I’m booking in for a ReMap this weekend, So far I’ve chose a Miltek exhaust (Titanium Tips) and a DPF Delete as previous owner has had it removed but ECU is reading its still there. Having all work done at JabbaSports So Far Total = £1125.50 So my question to you What else can I...