1. Q5 TRS

    Racingline Springs for S3 8Y

    S3 Springs So, when I got my 2021 8Y S3 Saloon in March 2021 I already had plans to lower it. I have the adaptive dampeners so I wanted to keep them and just replace the springs. I wanted a stock ride, as my previous 8V S3 Sportback albeit on standard shocks with H&R lowering springs, I felt...
  2. Daniel James

    Found WANTED !! Racingline R600 or other closed intake (no RAMAIR)

    Hi all, looking for a used Racingline R600 or other closed intakes (what would you recommend) to fit my 2014 S3 have a budget of around £250, will also arrange for a courier to collect from you (will juts need boxing) If anyone is putting their S3 back to standard happy to supply standard...
  3. X99RMJ

    Facelift Lowering springs on facelift S3, new top mounts required?

    Hello all! Recently picked up my first Audi, an S3 2017 facelift, very happy with it so far and was wanting to lower it. At the moment its on stock suspension, it does slightly creak front and rear when going over bumps, nothing too major or bad. But I was wanting to lower it on Racingline...
  4. randy4

    For Sale S3 8V PFL a few bolt on parts

    Some parts left over or removed from my stage 1 PFL S3 before sale. Located in Doncaster but will post at additional cost considering the current situation. MTM Cantronic tuning box in fully working order. Works on PFL S3 only. Which gives around 60-70bhp from stock. - £400 Racingline Turbo...
  5. Slowracer

    Racingline RS3 tune?

    Has anyone had a tune with racingline, with their OEM+ offer. I was just reading the blurb on their website. They have a long history in VAG racing and claim to have a close relationship with VAG, also implying they have an inside connection with VAG tech.