1. Daniel James

    Found WANTED !! Racingline R600 or other closed intake (no RAMAIR)

    Hi all, looking for a used Racingline R600 or other closed intakes (what would you recommend) to fit my 2014 S3 have a budget of around £250, will also arrange for a courier to collect from you (will juts need boxing) If anyone is putting their S3 back to standard happy to supply standard...
  2. TomBlueS3

    VWR R600 - Disapointed

    Hi all, I’m not normally one to slate products but when something isn’t really up to the mark it needs mentioning. This of course is my personal opinion and I understand others may feel different. I bought the product (VWR R600) along with a racing line turbo elbow and racing line silicone...