1. CheekyWizard

    What kind of retrofits have YOU done to your A3/S3?

    I've always been curious as to what kind of retrofits you guys have done to your A3/S3 and why. And most importantly how you stumbled onto retrofitting in the first place! I'll start with what i have done to my A3 hatchback since i bought it almost 4 years ago second hand, and how i started...
  2. A

    How accurate is the Speedo

    Hi all. This is my last thread tonight, I promise :-) The speedo in my last car (a mark VI Golf) over-read by about 10% (which seemed to be standard for European cars about ten years ago). I have a sense that the speed display in the A3 is more accurate. Has anyone cross compared with a GPS device?
  3. Asahi

    Brakes Overheating?

    Fitted new ATE discs & Bosch Pads week ago. The Passenger side has a discloured streak in comparison? I'm thinking contamination or overheating but I'm no expert. I wiped it with a tissue and brake cleaner. Tissue came off abit black, I thought brake dust but the other side didn't produce much...
  4. R

    Oil Level Sensor

    Hi Guys, Just wondering does the S3 8V have an oil sensor like the S4? The S4 used to advise when to add 1L of oil when it needed, does the S3 have the same thing or is it just the basic dipstick check? Cheers Renox
  5. R

    - DRIVE SELECT - Dynamic D?

    Hey guys, just a quick question, when turning the car on from cold or warm after leaving the Drive Select mode in Dynamic it starts in D not S? Does the dynamic profile still make the car run as if it was in dynamic or is this some sort of auto comfort mode you have to change upon every start...
  6. R

    Fuel, Performance and Buzzing Noise

    Hi all, May sound like a very stupid question to ask but if the fuel level is low would the ECU detect this and reduce performance? There seems to be way less punch when at a quarter or less of a tank (very rarely hit this mark). Also when starting the car from cold you get like an electric...
  7. R

    Drive Select and Alarm

    Hi guys, Does anyone know exactly what each drive select mode does? Also what’s the rough MPG difference between eco and comfort? Does anyone know how good the alarms are on the S3’s? Cheers, Renox
  8. R

    Timing belt or chain?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question, does the 2016 Audi S3 have a timing belt or chain? Audi website says belt however the parts team seem to think it’s a chain. Does anyone have a definite answer? Cheers, Renox
  9. voinovhristijan

    Please little Help Brothers

    Hi brothers this is my avant i want to buy on ebay Eibach Pro Kit Federn 30/30mm please tell my how much be a low please sent some picures with 30/30mm with 17,18wheels
  10. ZIPPY2019

    70K AUDI A3 1.6 2009

    2009 AUDI A3 1.6 SPORTPACK 8P I've just hit 70k miles and was wondering if there any parts that I should check or replace that are not part of normal servicing? THANK YOU :)
  11. A

    Leather Upholstery

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to say I picked up our car on Friday from our dealer (not the main audi dealer) and while it is lovely the upholstery is not exactly as I was expecting. I've been in touch with the main dealer and they will happily look at it for us but wanted to know what yours...