q5 2.0 tdi

  1. BenjaminSnow

    Q5 2015 Q5 Timing Chain

    Hi y'all, I recently had some issues with my check engine light coming on and off. When I scanned it myself I got a "fuel" code for it, and since that was a bit broad I decided to bring it over to our local audi dealer and get a Check Engine Light Analysis. According to the servicing specialist...
  2. SajH

    Q5 Extended Lighting Retrofit - advice needed

    Hi all, Have been browsing the forum for a few months now since picking up my Q5 (FY Sept 2017) Decided to join as I need some advice and keen to understand what everyone else is upto with their cars. So anyway.... there are a few things I’m hoping to do with my Q5 one of which is retrofitting...
  3. A

    Upcoming Petrol Station MMI Prompt: How to remove?

    Hi All I'm trying to remove the “upcoming petrol station” prompt on my mmi display everytime i approach a petrol station. I have an audi Q5 2017. Please let me know if you have had any success removing this prompt.
  4. M

    For Sale Rear Brake discs/pads

    Brand new rear brake rotors and pads surpass OEM specs, Q5 /A6 2.0 tdi 2013. £90. 07789931757
  5. T

    Q5 New 2018 - Automatic g/box issue

    Hi. I have just taken delivery of a 2018 Q5 S line 2.0tdi. Twice now I have noticed a problem with the auto box. Once I was driving along at around 45mph. The car just very suddenly had an intermittent loss of momentum it seemed but then almost immediately, things just returned to normal...