1. curlo

    Sold 4x genuine Porsche 986 16" alloy wheels - £160 ONO

    2x Front: 6Jx16 ET50, 996 362 112 00 2x Rear: 7Jx16 ET40, 996 362 114 00 4x genuine Porsche centre-caps These wheels have hardly been used, although there are a couple of grazes on 2 of the wheels (see close ups below). They are simple touch-ups, rather than requiring full refurbs. The tyres...
  2. Daniel Iversen

    986 Brake upgrade on B5, a few questions

    So, the thought of upgrading my front brakes with 986 calipers have start growing on me. I firstly found out that i would need some adapters and new lines with banjos in one end. Then as i start to research this upgrade a bit more, i read that people use the MKI TT Carriers 1J0 615 125 A where...