1. George Surrey

    A5 Cab, 2.0TDI, Very poor MPG?

    I've picked up a 2011 A5 Cab with the 2.0TDI 168BHP engine. The engine isn't particularly inspiring but it's quick enough for me. I was really hoping for better economy as i'm only getting around 36MPG on average, my daily drives are generally town driving with some bypasses and no motorway but...
  2. W

    MPG Issues

    Hi all, First of all, this is my first post so go easy! I've recently bought and 56 plate 2.0TFSI A3 with the BWA engine. Just over 70k on the clock and overall I'm very happy with the car. The previous owner has obviously looked after it just looking at the extensive service history with the...
  3. S

    aux on rnse audi a3 2009 poor sound

    Hi got a 2009 a3 with the mk1 rnse I believe as it has bluetooth for phone calls, 6 cd changer and the surround isnt glossy like the newer one? I also have an aux port near the handbrake but find the sound quality is poor on my samsung s5 via a belkin aux wire compared with the sd cards/cds...