phone holder

  1. FPSUsername

    [Product] Phone holder for the 8P

    I've seen many phone holders that fit in between the vents of the A3, however, they are only for the 8V generation, which has a wider placement of the two vents. This means that the product simply won't fit without cutting the mount or modifying the vents. Hereby I present you, the phone holder...
  2. N

    B7 phone cradle

    Hello! I have Audi A4 B7 and it came with a default phone cradle. It was just using space and I didn't see point in having it, as I have no idea what phone it is there for. However if I remove it, there are two holes on the deck and wires (one looks like phone cable and other has many pins in...
  3. D

    A6 phone mount

    Hi guys, weird question but i've been looking around for a decent phone mount for my car as the one i've got you can't adjust (as the distance from the dash to the screen isn't a lot). So was wondering if you have a decent one and where you've purchased it from as I can't charge the phone...
  4. B

    In built phone holder

    I’ve just bought a second hand 2009 A3 and it came with what looks like a Bluetooth phone holder. Does anyone know what I need to buy to make this work?