1. C

    Gearbox update

    Afternoon all is there anyone in the south west area preferably Wiltshire/ Somerset, but don’t mind travelling, that can update the software for the standard PFL gearbox?
  2. C

    Vcds emergency brake

    Hello all I’ve just brought a Ross tech vcds stuff and I’m teaching my self tweaks and I’ve got one in my head that I want but not sure how it do it nor can find any help to do it and was wondering if someone could help me, I’ve attached a vid of what I want, brake light to flash under...
  3. C

    Headlight upgrade

    Hello all, I want to upgrade my headlight they are LED I believe, I have a PFL model, and I want the indicator to run on the DRL and the updated DRL look, I’ve seen headlights advertised but they say for halogen to LED upgrade, does that matter? Something like this
  4. TomDM7359

    PFL cold start left exhaust rattle

    This is going to be hard to explain so bare with me. I got my RS3 last year and I seem to get awful, metallic, tangy exhaust rattle coming out of the left (passenger) side exhaust for about 20-30 seconds. This only occurs from a COLD start. Any other time it’s absolutely fine. I’ve taken it to...
  5. R


    Hey, just found a good offer for a complete set of PFL led headlights and was thinking of doing the retrofit. But I saw that some of the threads say that there is not much of a difference in the light intensity between xenon and Led for Pre Facelift cars. Is there anyone that can confirm this...
  6. G

    MMI keeps resetting - fault

    So recently my MMI on my PFL Audi A3 has been resetting intermittently. Once the car has turned on, the MMI will initialise and start, after approx 1 minute it will shut itself down, before restarting a minute or so later. This only happens once every 2/3 start ups and I can’t identify what is...
  7. Haudi.RS3

    Sportback PFL RS3 Grille with ACC

    Hi guys damaged my front grille on PFL RS3 with adaptive cruise control. I was wondering if there is any replacement for them other than going through Audi who want 1300$. Only managed to find FL grilles and ones without adaptive cruise control, 1) Can you fit a FL grille on a PFL? Thank you
  8. SkyCRW

    where to buy this front grill and black emblem

    Hi all, I've search the forums but couldn't find a topic that answers my question, I'm looking for this (pic attached) front grill and black emblems to fit a audi a3 8v PFL, can anyone point out a site or link where I can find one ? Another question I have is, is the front grill the same size...
  9. L

    Audi S3 8P Ideas?

    Hi there, Fairly new on here and haven’t posted much. Looking for some ideas on what to do next with my S3 PFL as there’s not a lot of options styling wise as the FL has kind of robbed that... Would FL Convert mine but seems like an awful lot of work for not a lot of gain. Any ideas are greatly...
  10. S

    PFL Audi A3 camera calibration/6C module security code

    Hi, just recently installed a FL camera (8V0827566B) into a PFL A3 saloon, it works just fine, VCDS shows that camera was already calibrated, however, checking with the calibration device (VAS 6350) I can see that lines are a little off (calibration was placed centered relative to the car bumper...
  11. Jiggsy Jnr

    MMI Control Panel replacement support

    Good morning all, I'm looking to swap out my MMI control panel as I have damaged my current one as an air-freshener had lent against it in the hot sun and warped the plastic causing it to crack and peel. I'm going to purchase one from ebay. Are these just plug and play or do they need to be...
  12. A

    Sportback MMI from FL into PFL

    Hey ladies and gents, I'm curious about if anyone has had experience with installing and using tech from FL car into PFL. There was a blue PFL RS3 for sale in UK a while ago that had FL taillights, virtual cockpit and full FL MMI system. Seen few videos of cars in eastern Europe with the same...
  13. L

    PFL S3 8V Rear Diffuser

    Hi guys, new member here! Looking for a gloss black rear diffuser for an S3 8V sportback Pre Face Lift. Where’s the best place to go as having trouble finding them online? (Would prefer to find one with a red trim) Thanks!
  14. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Proram intake £300

    anyone seen this new intake? Came across it on eBay £300 if your after just noise I’d say it’s worth a go
  15. Jefecito

    Help ! What's going on ?

    Hello everyone, I own a PFL for pretty much a year now and the RS3 adventure is becoming a nightmare since yesterday. I was sitting in the car yesterday using VCDS and testing a few diagnostic softwares, and left the car idling for a long moment, probably 30 minutes +. I started progressively...
  16. MrShiny

    Audi A3 8V PF to FL Matrix LED

    Hi guys, Ive just recently bought a Audi A3 1.6 8V PFL and im doing a full S3 conversion on it, most parts are bought apart from the dynamic tail lights and alloys. The car is currently in the bodyshop getting painted. My question here is... I have bought the FL Matrix LED headlights but im...
  17. JayRS3

    Sportback PFL Sport Exhaust w/ DP + Secondary Decat Question

    Hi gents, 2 weeks ago I did a Stage 1 APR map which has really brought the best out of the car performance wise. 1 week ago I did Decat Downpipe and Secondary Cat Bypass (Secondary Decat) on my Sport Exhaust from Rogue Performance here in South Africa. I have scoured the forums for opinions on...
  18. ohmyaudi

    PFL Front splitter

    Thoughts on this front splitter? Anyone know if it can be sourced in the UK?
  19. ohmyaudi

    Pops and bangs

    This might have been covered before but I was wondering if the pops and crackles you get when you lift off the throttle in the FL S3's can be recreated any way on the PFL model?
  20. J

    FL vs PFL remaps

    So, my question to you wonderful people is, since both PFL and FL are running the same engine but with a slight different tune I believe, will a PFL car remapped to stage 1 for example, make the same power as a FL that has had a stage 1 map? Im asking this as I currently own an st200...