1. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0TFSI Dyno and Remapped - Results

    So, I got my 2018 A3 2.0 TSFI remapped the other day and the dyno results surprised me a bit. Have a look at what manufacturer claimed stock BHP and stock torque should be compared to what the car was actually outputting. 190bhp manufacturer claimed but car was outputting 213bhp. I’ve had the...
  2. Mr Mohammed Janjua

    Wanted 2001 51 Reg B5 A4 1.8

    Good Afternoon Members, I am looking for a 2001 51 Reg B5 A4 1.8, in good condition. It has to be a 51 Reg because that's the only one that is ULEZ Compliant. Budget is £1000 to £1500.
  3. K

    Second hand A3 buying help

    Hi, I'm looking for some buying advice on second hand A3's, in particular between 2008 - 2010 . I've had a Mk4 Golf for the past 4 years and it's been a dream to run, but now with 230,000 miles I'm looking for an upgrade.. A3 range I'm looking at is 2008 - 2010, £6,000 budget roughly 80k...
  4. Alex TT

    Premium unleaded vs normal unleaded

    I've come from a 2L TDI Golf to a 2L petrol TT this weekend and seen in the manual it recommends to use premium fuel. Honestly I probably wont be using premium for every fill up but is it worth it to do now and again? or should I actually be using it every fill up? thoughts or other comments...
  5. Shaun Osborne

    Engine Torque specs PETROL and Diesel

    Here are torque specs for PETROL engines. Including Cam, Cylinder, Mounts, Flywheel, Tappets, Oil pump, Timing Belt.
  6. Benjamin Loveridge-Rowe

    Oil pump questions / future proofing

    Evening all, I've seen a few forum posts mentioning issues with the 2.0TFSI oil pump. Is there an intrinsic design issue with them, and if so, how can I try to mitigate it on mine? I saw a link to this kit which claims to remove the (allegdly) problematic sprung loaded balance shaft sproclet...
  7. C

    For Sale Audi A4 Avant 2010 1.8T

    Selling the A4 Avant, reluctantly but we’re trying to get a mortgage so need a cheaper car for the time being. Well looked after and in good working order. Just had new discs & pads all round along with shocks and a fresh MOT. 98000miles with FSH, will slightly go up as used daily. Powerflow...
  8. B

    For Sale 2009 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI Black Edition Sportback 5dr

    Full Audi service history. I have a warranty with audi, so if i had even the slightest issue with the car, i took it to my local audi and they fixed it, so no hidden faults. (warranty is not transferable) 2 keys. Breaks (pads and discs, front and rear) were replaced just recently. Less than 5%...
  9. D

    misfire cylinder 2 - cant diagnose

    getting a misfire on cylinder 2 according to the last garage I took my car into (been to see 2 now), only they can not tell me what is causing it. Car has no MIL/fault lights on. I have recently changed spark plugs, spark plug leads and the coil pack. So I am not sure where to start on next as...
  10. Persian

    ULEZ ... Need a new (used) car?

    I’ve recently sold my 520D and now looking for a new (used) Audi… At the moment, I’m driving my girlfriends 8P3 09 140 TDI (Stage 1) to work which does about 48-55mpg. I do 50 miles daily from London to Hertfordshire. Now as I only do between 9k-10k miles a year, I’m thinking petrol for the...
  11. D

    Bad news for S models...

    I am thinking of changing my 2013 S3 8V so yesterday I decided to visit my local Audi dealer to get an offer. He told me A3/S3/RS3 production has stopped for many configurations as all of you know, but he brought me some bad news regarding Audi S models. S4 and S5 petrol engines will be...
  12. shash_128

    Fault codes, please help! P0345, P0346, P0365, P0011, P0014, P0021, P0300

    Audi A4 B6 3.0 petrol quattro. For a while now my car has been misfiring, loss of power and stuttering... A mechanic checked the timing and it was fine (done the timing belt only 2 years ago), I've replaced the coil packs and spark plugs but still getting these engine error codes.. Anyone know...
  13. S

    Petrol pump issue

    Have a problem putting petrol into my car.. the pump keeps knocking off can only put in a few cent at a time I know this is because the pump thinks my tank is full but it’s empty.
  14. V6_Man

    Suggestions please! A3 S-tronic Sportback - Diesel or Petrol

    Folks, I have been trying to search the complex world of web however, couldn't find a definitive answer so thought I'd ask you helpful lot! I have an A4 B7 (2.0 Tdi CVT 140bhp with 65k on the clock) that I want to sell and buy an A3 Sportback (this is not selling thread, at all). The A3 is...
  15. JordanG97


    Hello! Hope I'm posting this in the right place, I'm sure I'll get told off pretty quickly if I'm not. Just wanted to post a quick introduction to me and my car as I'm completely new to Audis and this forum. So here's the car; an A4 B5 Avant in Yellow, nicknamed the 'Yellow Menace'. Powering it...
  16. M

    strange noise sounds like an air rade tanoid

    Hi all I was wondering if anybody could help me. I have a 2002 audi a3 1.8t quattro and when I started it this morning it was making an awful noise which I can only describe as almost the same sound as a air rade siren and when I revv her up the noise gets louder! The turbo sounds like it's...
  17. Chris5

    S3 Petrol/Mileage

    How many miles have you got out a full tank? Planning on going from Glasgow to Newcastle then back to Glasgow over the weekend will cover about 350 miles all in. Would I get this out a full tank?
  18. Cheeks

    Backfiring on start :(

    Happened for a while now, confusing the hell out of me. When I start the car for the first time in the day, it starts to judder, shake and backfire repeatedly, BUT if I start it then rev it a couple of times, then it's fine. No errors on the dash, no error codes when scanned. I'll take a vid...
  19. shash_128

    3.0 v6 oil leak help?

    Hi I have an oil leak which looks like it's coming from that metal pipe which has a big rubber pipe in the middle of it. Does it need replacing? What part is it? Has the rubber pipe simply slipped out of place? I have a 2001 Audi A4 b6 3.0L v6 petrol.. Please help