pcv valve

  1. GTz

    PCV Valve

    Anyone know where I can find a PCV Valve assembly (latest revision '06F 129 101 R)' that fits the A3 8PA 1.8T? I've checked ebay, but most are listed for the 2.0, and the sellers say that it's not compatible with my engine. Thanks
  2. J

    Q5 2.0T System Lean and Rough idle.

    Morning All, Looking for some pointers as i have tried everything i can think of. I have a 2010 Q5 2.0T that runs rough on idle i have replaced various parts and now i have hit a brick wall and not sure what to try next. Parts replaced: PCV Valve, N80 Valve, Coil Packs, Spark Plugs. Current...
  3. Joshua Ward

    PCV 06F 129 101R replacement.

    Hi all, so I've ordered a replacement PCV for my 2011 S3 8P and was wondering if anyone can walk me through the process, i get the feeling its a simple job having had the the engine cover/ air filter off and having a little poke around. if anyone has any advice when doing this as well that...
  4. 2

    Q7 Please Help: 2015 Q7 PCV Valve

    Hi, Just bought a 2015 Q7, literally waited two weeks for the car to be shipped to Los Angeles. 2 days in to the new ownership, PCV Valve failed. loud noise when Oil Cap is on the car. I can't find PCV Valve on the car. Where is it? Anyone please show me a picture. Thank You very much...
  5. C

    Air leak-Vacuum issue PCV-Mystery part?

    Hi all New to the forum so please be gentle :thumbs up: I'll try do describe the issue the best I can. The car is a A4 2.0T 58 plate with 110k on (had it since 55k and sweet as a nut until now) The issue started with one day the Engine Management light coming on. The engine felt...
  6. rufscwb

    PCV update

    Hello everyone, I'm about to do a 2+ stage in my s3 8p and would like to know which solution is best for the pcv valve, what do you suggest? Just change the pcv for a more upgraded version or swap for a pcv delete? If i choose the pcv delete, can I have any damage to my engine? Thank you...