part numbers

  1. Potterswheel

    Facelift Part numbers

    I wonder if we can have a sticky thread where we can share part numbers of regularly used items with each other???? Obviously they will need checking, but its a good start.............
  2. B

    S3 8v replacement service parts

    Hi all, Does anyone happen to know the part no's for the S3 8v service parts below? Which brand do Audi use? I believe the brake pads are TRW but not sure on the others. Air filter Oil filter Pollen filter Spark plugs Brake pads Brake discs Thanks
  3. MrSaetervik

    1.9TDI - Upgraded Engine Mounts?

    As there are very little to no upgraded parts for the 1.9TDI out and about I must ask you guys. Does upgraded engine mounts for this engine even exist? If so, where?
  4. Jefecito

    Catalytic converter

    Hi, Can anyone who has access to PFL OEM part numbers confirm that the cat converter part number is 8U0131701A ? 8U stands for the Q3, I found online that it fits the RSQ3, RS3 and TTRS. Cheers.
  5. Niall.Perry


    Not sure if this is in the right area but has anyone got an up to date version of ETKA running? And in English? I tried to install 7.4 last weekend but then realised it wouldn't work, whenever you clicked on a manufacturer it said it needed updates (also it was in German). Can anyone point me...
  6. motoriety

    A4 DTM Stock Springs Part #?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the part numbers for front/rear springs are for a 2007 DTM? I recently bought one on lowering springs (too low for my taste) and would like to bring it back to factory spec. Thanks for the help!
  7. V6_Man

    HELP! - Offside Front Rear Lower Control Arm

    Folks, I am looking for offside front rear lower arm for my A4 Sline and was wondering if someone could help me with finding the right part number. I have searched as well as asked for the part number including a price using part request on the forum and it has been suggested to be...
  8. maanjawed

    Camshaft position sensor. Help?

    Hi guys. Getting a new cambelt kit fitted this week. I've had the "camshaft position sensor" error for quite a while. Apparently the sensor is located near the cambelt so thinking of fitting a new sensor now. Anyone able to help me find the right part? Don't mind buying a genuine Audi part...
  9. Teejay

    Help with OE brake part numbers?

    Hi all, Does anyone have access to ETKA (is the VAG parts/workshop system still called that?)? I am struggling to find a good choice of aftermarket brake pads/discs for a 2013 SQ5. Several retailers list a Ferodo DS2500 or DS3000 part, but when cross-checking this against the Ferodo website...