parking assist

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    Audi A4 2014 optical illustration

    Hi guys. I own Audi A4 B8.5 2014 and have just acoustic rear parking sensors and I want to enable optical illustration. I tried with VCDS, module 10 and module 76 but I get no response from controller error. Can you help me? I read that that functions are moved in other modules..
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    Obdeleven optical parking assistant help

    I recently bought the new generation OBDeleven mainly so I could activate the optical parking assistant but I am having trouble turning this on. The app connects and scans no problem and I have activated needle sweep and mirror dip no problem but when I go to turn on the parking assistant it...
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    Audi A1 rear parking assist stopped working (weirdly)

    Hi after a few months of buying a second hand 2015 A1 Sportback, I got a problem on my rear bumper sensors or generally rear parking assist (the only one installed) stopped working. At first a few days ago when engaging reverse it was doing the first usual beep to signal reverse (or...
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    Audi A4 2011 Technik - Front Parking Sensors

    Hi, I have had my Audi A4 for 2 months now and I believe the previous owner had the front bumper replaced. I had asked when buying it if the parking sensors worked and he confirmed they did but he never used it. To my knowledge it has never worked since i got it and i started wondering why? Did...