1. AGN Engine Cover Complete

    AGN Engine Cover Complete

  2. Final Coat AGN Engine Cover

    Final Coat AGN Engine Cover

  3. First Coat

    First Coat

  4. First Coat

    First Coat

  5. AGN Engine Cover Upol Acid 8

    AGN Engine Cover Upol Acid 8

    Etch Primer
  6. Lectrotek

    Can anyone tell me what this wheel colour is?

    Hi all, I'm just about to begin refurbing these myself. Anyone know the paint code? See attachment. Cheers, Tim
  7. T

    Rust & Warranty

    Hi guys, has anyone had any dealings with audi over the apparent 12 year body & paint warranty? The rear arches on my estate have bubbled up and broken through the paint, dealer I bought it off had someone badly spray over it with a rattle can but I want to know if there’s any likely comeback...
  8. C

    Audi Exclusive suspension

    Does anyone know anything about Audi Exclusive orders getting suspended? I wanted to order an exclusive paint finish but have been told all exclusive orders have been suspended indefinitely. It has been difficult to get a definitive statement from either the dealer or Audi UK. One dealer...
  9. W

    caliper painting or replaced

    hi guys, Just after some pictures really of anyone who has had their calipers repainted or had new coloured ones fitted. I am having my refurbsished as they are the rustiest calipers I have ever seen and really ruin the look of my Black edition Avant (2l petrol quattro), daytona grey. I am...
  10. D

    Brake set, purely for vanity

    Hi All, MOT has pointed out that my pads need replacing soon and potentially discs not too far after that (although would need a better check for that as MOT doesnt take the wheel off). I've been thinking about getting a cosmetic upgrade to the brakes just for vanity really, The discs get...
  11. me77or

    Recommended body shop in South Manchester/Cheshire?

    Hi folks Our 2006 A4 B6 had developed a nasty habit of losing large patches of its lacquer from both front and rear bumpers. It's flaking off where water is getting under the lacquer throughout stonechips or scratches. I think the best solution is to find a professional body shop to flat back...
  12. Craig hopkins

    Original Grey Bumper and Trim colour Ideas?

    Hi Guys, Been looking around the internet for about 2 hours now at different options and ideas for the original grey bumper and trim on my avant. I really cant make my mind up as to whether or not I like the look of colour coding them (my avant is Silver), or just restoring them to look fresh...
  13. nicks260

    pearlescent polish???

    I've had an S3 8V daytona grey pearlescent car for the las three months and loving it more than ever. Was just wondering about something the dealer said to me about the pearlescent paintwork not needing to be polished?? Is this true? Ive been looking into ways of protecting the paint work...
  14. G

    Paint center console

    Hi everyone, i am new in the forum, so...nice to meet you. I have an A3 from 08/2003 and i am thinking to renovate the interior. Obviously, i have many things to ask but I'll try to restrain myself in the beginning :). So i 'll start only with one question; how can i repaint the centre console...