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    S3-8P, TTE420 Stage 3 - Possible Over boosting into Limp Mode Issue.

    Hi all, currently experiencing some issues with an 8P stage 3 S3 running the TTE420 setup & wanted to see if anyone else had similar symptoms regardless of your setup & what actions were taken to rectify the problem. Briefly, car runs superb & boosts well that is until you take it to the...
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    Troubleshooting issues like stiff brake, overboosting, insufficient flow (EGR), etc

    Hi! I bought an A3 2.0 TDI (8PA BKD 2004) Sportback about 6 months ago, and had a fair amount of minor issues with it. The solutions were scattered around and I want to put into a single post for future reference and for others who come from Google. I will try to go chronologically. Hot start...