oil consumption

  1. J

    To buy or not to buy?? Your advice please.

    Hello all, New member here! I’ve been looking for a while and found a 2010 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Q in my budget with the exact specifications I want. 1 owner, excellent milage and great condition. Full Audi SH apart from the last service done by the dealer. I paid for an AA inspection which found...
  2. H

    A3 8V 1.8 TFSI - Large oil consumption

    Hello, First post here, I've had this A3 8V 2014 for around 2 months and had a few issues since (my bad really for not doing detailed enough checks since buying). I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction here. After topping up the oil and using the car on the motorway over...
  3. George Tester

    Car possibly running rich?

    Hey guys, I’ve noticed my car has been having a build up of black round the chrome exhaust tips, it has passed mot emissions fine just curious whether if it’s running too rich or whether this is a normal thing? Thank you
  4. S

    S3 low oil

    I recently had my oil low warning light pop up, the oil was 1/3 between the min and max. I topped up around 750ml and now the oil is 1/3 above max. Should I be concerned?.
  5. StefanS

    a3 1.8t CDAA oil consumption

    Hi guys, Im an owner of A3 1.8 with CDAA engine , my oil consumption is around 800-1100 for 1000km after searching in forums i found some threads about swapping the piston rings to BZB engine piston rings and it might help with the oil consumption. Did you guys have any issue with oil...
  6. JamesRyder

    Advice: Buying Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Dynamik Quattro 4dr (2011)

    Hi all, I've just put a deposit down for an Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Dynamik Quattro 4 door, 2011 model. It's done ~58K miles and drives really well. I basically fell in love with it as soon as I hit the gas. Anyway, I appreciate this has been talked to death (apologies), but I was hoping for some...
  7. A

    Buying a 1.8T 8P3?

    Having owned several 8L's and 8P1's myself in the past, I've been thinking about buying my girlfriend a 1.8T 8P3 however a quick search shows that most 'new' Audi models are suffering from chain/oil/piston ring problems? I've tried searching the forum for exact list of affected models but no...
  8. ckl139

    2.0tfsi engines

    hi, looking to get an a6 and these engines seem rare. Two key questions 1. Are they good engines in this range ? I see that they are 168ps whereas my b7 cab is 197ps. Can only assume different engine altogether. 2. Do these suffer from oil consumption issue - is it worth avoiding altogether...
  9. K

    A3 Saloon S Line 1.4 TFSI question

    Hi all, I am currently considering purchasing a 2017 1.4 TFSI A3 S-line saloon s tronic. It's a great looking car, but I recently narrowly avoided getting stung when I almost went for a 1.6 Diesel without knowing the full facts about Dieselgate, so I am a little hesitant to complete the...
  10. J

    Bought myself an a3! A couple questions

    hey guys, I bought an a3 1.8t in December and found out it was using 1litre of oil in under 1000km which is heaps. Luckily it was under the stat warranty, and the consumption test showed I used 1.5 litres in 900km so I get a free engine rebuild. So my questions are What actually gets replaced...
  11. Aisgeir

    3.0 Tdi Mystery Fault

    Hello I have a 58 plate 3.0 Tdi that has just turned 57k The other Day it stopped. And that's it, it starts for about 2 seconds takes no throttle and shuts down again. OBD only showed 1 fault briefly on the EGR. Starting the engine several times trying to get it to run long enough to gather...
  12. Sir_Bacharach

    BKD 140 oil consumption. How much does yours drink?

    Hi. I did about 12000 miles or so this year, and within that mileage which took me around 11 month to rack up, the oil light came on to let me know it needed topping up. I had to put about 1.5 litres in to top it up. I was wondering what you guys are experiencing with these engines. I've never...
  13. itchyhippo

    Looking at an A5

    Chaps & chapettes, I'm looking at an Audi Approved Used 2014 A5 Black Edition 2.0 TFSI 225PS. I'm familiar with the Audi brand having come from the twincharged A1 which suffered from high oil consumption. My question is; does the 2014 onwards A5's still suffer with potential high oil...
  14. Saeed J Ghnaim

    Must be super Lucky !!!

    Hello guys, After reading about the oil consumption issue all over the internet basically I got worried as my car was close to hitting the 50-60km on the odometer. However, just today my car hit 72k with no oil issues what so over !! I don't know whether to be happy or super worried haha A4...
  15. S

    advise please (2nd hand dealer rights) a4 2.0 TFSI oil usage

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a Audi a4 2.0 tfsi (58k on the clock) a week ago now from a 2nd hand dealer, I've just discovered that it has excessive oil consumption (360 miles to 1L warning light). I'll be contacting Audi UK today to or my local Audi garage to go in for a oil consumption test...