oil change

  1. BenjaminCalveley

    2015 A3 2.0 TDI Sluggish?

    Hello everyone! Soooo, where do I start! I've had my ECU Mapped (Dyno) By Darkside Developments about 4 months ago and they did an amazing job took their time with it (all day). For some stupid reason I decided to take the Audi and treat her to a service at an Official Audi Garage & also go...
  2. Joshua Ward


    Hi all, I found the smell of fuel in my oil around a week ago, so I instantly stopped driving it and ordered a new HPFP (which I was lead to believe from previous posts was the issue) had a brand new one from Audi and fitted it along with a full oil change and filter change, just did a cursory...
  3. Joshua Ward

    Audi S3 oil change

    Hi guys I am planning to do an oil change on Saturday, just to confirm it's a paper filter on the front of the sump and the drain plug in the rear, do I need to Saturate the filter in new oil like you would fill up the can filters half way ? Or just a replace and off I go ? Thanks in advance !
  4. bobbytomorow

    Oil leak from bottom

    I recently did an oil change (myself) and since there seems to be a leak from somewhere near the filter housing. Although the housing itself seems dry, most of the oil is dripping off of what I think is the secondary water pump? It was especially soaked in oil, under the rubber bushing that...
  5. Alec97

    S-Tronic Oil change, oil siphon.

    Hi All, Has anyone got an oil siphon system to refil the S-tron box from the drain plug ? or know where i can get one from local to wolverhampton ? Same as the one in the photo or the funnel version. Cheers Alec
  6. WesT-gefül

    What are the Service quantities & specs for fluids

    Could I have some help with this. On this occasion I need the brake fluid quantity but the others such as oil, adblue, brake fluid etc would help for future reference. I’ve looked in the user manual but to no avail. A4 (b9) 2.0 tdi sport 190ps stronic Is it just dot4 (lv) low viscosity? I’ve...
  7. ohmyaudi

    Oil change/interim service cost??

    My S3 has popped up saying it needs an oil change in 800 miles so I gave my local audi a call and they quoted £304 for it?! That seems steep. What's the general consensus? This is my first Audi so i'm in the dark with service pricing...
  8. gldy_b

    S5 Servicing Cost

    My car is coming up for its first visit to the dealership. Does anybody know what kind of cost is involved. I think the first one is only a oil change. Then it’s an inspection? Has anyone had there’s done? :blackrs4:
  9. itchyhippo

    Service costs - good deal?

    Evening all, First S1 - only had it for two days and WOW! Incredible. Coming from a 185 A1 - this thing is like a rocket! Anyway, I bought my S1 on Saturday and it is exactly two years old with 45K miles on it. It is on the Flexible Longlife Service schedule and had an Inspection/oil change...